How do you make a toga?

I recently learned how to do 3D modeling in 3D Studio Max (and by recently I mean about a month ago), and now I’ve been using it at work. I’m currently working on a project about the death of Caesar, so I’ve modelled a Roman bedroom, a street with a couple houses and a little shop, and the portico and curia of Pompey (which isn’t completely finished). They are going to be the backgrounds for our actors (it was filmed in front of a green screen). I had a lot of troubles with the curia, because I don’t precisely know what it is supposed to look like. There aren’t any images that I could find of the inside of the curia, so I’ve been basing my model on the curia in the forum of Augustus, and on the HBO series Rome. (And then I may have edited it a little so that it was easier to make …)

What I’ve been working on the past couple of days, though, is making a statue of Pompey the Great. Caesar died at the foot of his statue, so I need a model of it. And I had no idea how to make it. We bought the program Poser, which seems like an awesome program, only I have had a lot of trouble getting it to work. It was small things, like the fact that my computer apparently didn’t have flash, but then I couldn’t access the content libraries in the program, and I spent almost a whole day trying to figure out what was wrong. But I’ve got access now, and I can use pre-made figures (humans and animals, which is cool, even though I really don’t need a dinosaur for our Caesar show…) and model them into whatever poses I want. I edited the face to look more like a bust of Pompey the Great, only more attractive, and I can put that on my figure. Now my only problem is his clothes. I don’t want a naked statue. But I can’t figure out how to make clothing!!

I found a tutorial on youtube on how to make clothes in 3DS Max, and it seemed really easy, so I tried it, and naturally it didn’t work the way I wanted it to. By which I mean that it didn’t work at all. I tried it a few times, and could not get it to work. Very frustrating. So then I found another tutorial on how to make cloth in Poser. It worked one time when I tried it, and then I tried to change something, and never got it to work again.

I just don’t understand why my programs hate me so much! It looks so easy, and everyone else seems to get it to work just fine, but whenever I try to do it, nothing works. Sigh. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a toga in 3DS max or Poser, please let me know!!

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