An exciting day in Italian 201

So I am in my third semester of Italian (one of my three current language classes, along with Latin and Greek). This semester, instead of letting us choose our own topics for presentations, our professor gave us a list of possible choices. I chose Petrarch, because I’m fairly certain that our professor made the topic FOR ME, cause he wrote in Latin. So I felt rather obligated.

Anyway, there was this one guy presenting today, and his presentation was on Italian cinema. Our presentations are supposed to be 20-30 minutes long, which is A LONG TIME to be talking, so he had put a bunch of video clips from various films into his presentation. It was a really good presentation actually, talking about the history of Italian cinema, from the very beginning. The first film was only about 30 seconds, and featured the Pope, apparently.

After his presentation, we were all supposed to ask him questions. There was an empty chair next to me, so he pulled it out from the table and sat on it during the questions. Then my professor asked this question about some quote by Mussolini, and he PASSED OUT.

Since I was the closest one to him, I reached out and caught him before his head hit the floor, cause he had started sliding off the chair, but I was leaning awkardly over the back of my chair, and couldn’t actually lift him back up until another guy in the class came over and helped me.

It was scary.

He woke up after only a minute, but everyone was freaking out and a couple people were calling 911 and campus safety. He said that he hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning, and he had been complaining about it being hot, so I think he just wasn’t doing that well all class.

I do have to give him mad props though. The first thing he said when he woke up was, “How was the presentation? It was a presentation and a show.”

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