Thanks, Professor …

I met with one of my professors today, and he did the unthinkable: he asked me about grad school. Noooooo! He said that he assumed I wasn’t planning on going, because it is getting late, and since I hadn’t mentioned anything about it yet (at least, not since this summer when I talked to him about it) he just assumed I wasn’t applying this year.

So then we had that discussion. Should I go to grad school, or should I take a year off? And his advice, which naturally makes perfect sense and I knew that but was just not thinking about it, was that if I don’t absolutely want to go to grad school, then I shouldn’t go to grad school. At least, not yet. After all, the decision needs to be mine.

Soo … maybe I need to take a year off. Just to figure out what I want to do. Because at the moment, I am really confused.

Do I want to go to grad school? Maybe, maybe not. I feel like I have to. Not because I am worried about letting other people down, but because I can’t think of anything that I can do with a BA in the Classics. I could teach Latin in a private school. But I do not want to teach anything. I hate teaching, hate giving presentations, really should try my best to avoid academia with every fiber of my being. Therefore, I will not teach Latin.

Beyond that, I can’t think of anything that the BA in Classics makes me more qualified for. So if for that reason alone, I feel that I need to go back to grad school, just to find something that can actually help me get a job.

So I’ve decided to go. But what do I go for? I am really interested in archaeology, and would like to actually go into archaeology, but that would require majoring in anthropology, which I have never taken. What if I hate it? What then?

I also think I would like to major in Museum studies, so that I could work in a museum. I think I would do well in that field. But then I really wouldn’t be able to focus on the archaeology. And learning the Maya glyphs, which I really want to do.

I think it might be better for me to take a year off before grad school, just to settle down and figure out what it is I really want to do. But then what would I do during that year? Get a job, obviously. But a job doing what? Where would I go?

I think it would be better to just plow on into grad school so that I don’t have to go looking for a job. And then, when I finally do need to join the job search, I would be even more qualified, in whatever field I decide to go in.

The problem is really that I need to figure out NOW. I need to start working on my applications, figuring out which schools I want to go to … and I can’t do that if I don’t even know what program I want to go in, or if I want to go into a program at all.

Sigh. Someday I will figure out what I want to do with my life. Hopefully that someday will be soon.

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  1. Did my long comment never make it? I talked about the kind of job you’d get, and cajoled you to move to Boston. It was an awesome comment.

    • no I didn’t approve it. I’m trying not to put any specifics on here, and considering how small our hometown is, I’d rather not have it mentioned by name. Also, you were mean in your comment… 😦

  2. See, I figured that’d be an ok place to name, considering we didn’t actually go to school there. And I don’t recall being mean…

    I guess my two bits on your grad school are thus: unless you want to do Real World stuff (like get a job, get an apartment, etc, get a cat, etc.), I’d stay in school. Granted, not the best endorsement for school, but I think taking a year off would be such a change of gears, that it’d be hard to go back.

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