A few times a week, my roommate and I make dinner together. We have a very limited menu: breaded chicken, BBQ chicken, and chicken with some kind of seasoning on it, either Montreal Chicken seasoning or Bearmans Tummy Rub. To go with our chicken, we usually have some kind of starch (rice, pasta side, or stuffing) and a veggie (usually the frozen kind that we can stick in the microwave).

Today was tummy rub chicken and a sweet potato, which took forever to cook and didn’t come out so great. Still better than the squash we tried last week.

Anyway, every time we eat dinner, we joke about how much we eat. Basically, Myriad eats 3/4 of a meal, and I eat 2. Or 3. In less time than it takes her to finish her 3/4. It was exceptionally clear the other day when Myriad wasn’t feeling well, and she ate even less than she normally does. So she had about 1/4 of a dinner, and I ate 2 full plates in the same amount of time, and then went back later for more rice.

So today we were in the grocery store, and Myriad and I both bought some apples. I think it pretty much sums up our respective diets.

It's Billy Fucillo huge!

My apple is the one on the right. It looked even bigger when it had been cut open:

The apple was delicious!! Surprisingly enough. It was some kind of hybrid, Crispburn or something like that. And apparently the crazy mutation made it amazingly tasty. Much better than any of Myriad’s itty bitty apples.

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  1. That DOES look like the kind of apple that would be ridiculously tasty. I bought a few varieties at the Farmer’s Market recently, and our fave was Cortland (to which I went “’cause NY’s awesome!”).

    Also, you should MAYBE expand your food range. A wee bit. Perhaps. I don’t know if you’ve seen the amount of food blogs I read…

    But the one I directly recommend to you is this: http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen

    You’ll find everything; if it’s comfort food you’re looking for.

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  3. Hey now. I like my itty bitty apples.

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