So a couple of weeks ago, my sister sent me an email, saying that she had gotten me something. She asked me whether I wanted it for Christmas or randomness, and I obviously said randomness because I wanted my present NOW!! 🙂 But when I tried to give her my address, she said that she’d probably just wait and give it to me next time she saw it. Which is … Christmas.

So thankfully, about a week later, I got a call from her saying that she wanted my address so that she could mail it to me. Yay!! I waited all week, but hadn’t gotten it yet, and was really upset that today was a holiday, because I figured that it probably came on Saturday, when I didn’t check my mailbox, and I wouldn’t be able to get it until tomorrow.  So I was nicely surprised when I walked past the mailroom today and saw that it was actually open! I checked my box, and sure enough I had a package slip, so I picked up this cute little silver box and went to where Myriad was working to open it.

(I’m not at home, so I don’t have a camera, but I will post photos ASAP)

When I first opened the box, all I saw was orange and stripes, and I kinda thought it was a bee, but when I pulled it out of the box, I realized that it was a FISH!! He’s a webkins, and sooo cute!!

(picture forthcoming)

And he’s smiling!!!

Anyway, I then spent the next half an hour sitting with the fish on my shoulder, grinning like a maniac, and saying all sorts of intelligent things like “I have a fish” to which Myriad would calmy and sanely reply “yes, yes you do.”

When we went to get food, the fish came too, and I kinda walked around petting him for a bit. He’s got beanies in his belly, but stuffing in his back, so I was kinda squishing him when I found this out and Myriad just gave me a look as though she was contemplating buying me a new brain off ebay or something. Then the fish sat in the hood of her sweater for a while. He seemed to be quite enjoying himself.

So thank you, Dea, I like my fishy!!!!

Teehee! His smile is lopsided!!!

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  1. He was all orange and adorable and I was like “OMG I KNOW WHO WANTS THAT”. I told so many people about the fish I was giving you… they thought that -I- was on crack too.

  2. Also,

    There’s a pic of your fishie.

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