Carefully planned TV time…

Myriad and I have been watching a lot of TV and movies lately. We have a few TV shows on DVD, and I have almost a hundred movies here (that is no exaggeration), and we have Netflix. So we try to watch something pretty often. And our movie choices usually revolve around one thing:

Sexy, sexy men.

Take, for example, Primeval. It’s a BBC show, with disappointingly short seasons … but just filled with sexiness. Just look at this sexy beast.

and the guy's not bad, either...

Oh, Andrew Lee Potts.

Our upstairs neighbors are very loud, and they’ll run around or jump or play rugby or something up there, and we’ve started calling them dinosaurs. We keep telling ourselves that it’s ok, because any minute now Andrew Lee Potts will be showing up.

You know there is something very strange when you’re not lusting after the designated sexy eye candy in the show, and instead you’re in love with the geek.

Because trust me, there is certainly sexy eye candy in this show.

Pure Sexy

Pure Sexy, aka Stephen Hart

Pure Sexy, as we like to call him, is … well … sexy. And his job seems to consist of running around in a tight t-shirt with a very large gun.

It's super effective!

Pure Sexy chooses harpoon!

  We are okay with this. We also like to watch Stargate Atlantis.

John Sheppard (Joe Flannigan)

And of course, we couldn’t forget Castle…

He really is ruggedly handsome

Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle

And when we watch movies, we like to watch chick flicks … like the Jane Austin Book Club. Which had a super cute guy in it.

And I just finished watching Princess Diaries 2, which isn’t a very good movie, but hey, it’s got Chris Pine in it.

He’s also one of my favorite parts of the new Star Trek movie. Love those eyes.

And just yesterday we ended up watching a million (possibly exaggerated) YouTube videos, which degenerated into funny clips of Doctor Who. And John Barrowman. Who is very attractive. (and gay, but hey, I can still look at him)

I personally loved him in Producers when he was blond (he was the lead tenor), but Myriad disagrees with me. CRAZY.

Anyway, so that is the hot man recap of the past weekend. Well, Castle is on Mondays, but the rest was over the weekend. Which really makes it seem like we have no life …. which might be true … If it makes things worse, I also saw RED and Despicable Me, which were both awesome. And RED did have Karl Urban in it ….

Aaaaaaaaand I think I’m done!

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  1. And dad thought you were gay, how?

  2. John Barrowman is so much better brunet. You will never change my mind about this.

    Also, this post was sadly lacking in Josh Duhamel. Just sayin’. But I’m totally bookmarking it for when I need a pick-me-up…

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