And it’s over!!

So November is over. Well, officially I still have an hour, but I’m done. I hit 50K words yesterday evening before I left for my senior seminar, and I stopped then.

I’m actually almost done with my novel. There’s one scene that I need to finish up, but then it’s all done. I just don’t really have the time to finish that last little bit.

I kinda like it, actually. I know that there are some really crappy sections, some decent sections, probably no good sections, and several sex scenes (as Myriad said, everything in my novel must end with a sex scene). Those were really hard to write. They’re just so awkward!

I still don’t have a title.

Also, when Myriad and I went to the grocery store today, I bought a pomegranate, and we ate it at dinner. It was delicious.

But anyway, I’m done writing for now, so I should have time to actually think about things like homework and papers that are all due next week!

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More fun with Myriad and Kagome!!

M: So if you … inferior.

K: You can just supply ‘Hades’ for green.

M: I know what you mean, but I’m not sure there’s a way to say it. I’m sure the Greeks had a word for it.
K: I’m sure they did. ‘The spreading of hands in the “eh, whatever you say” kind of way.’

M:What would you call–raw.
K: Yes, dear.

K: If you have a whore, can you please call him Timarchos?

K: Persephone doesn’t have a snorkel!

M: She’s sitting among his paws, all 17 of them.

M: What’s the Greek word for this? (waves arms around)

M: I just made my hero a girl.
K: Well, no one would expect that one, especially if you put it after the sex scene.
M: Xander was talking to Petra, and he just had a sex change.

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Oh no!!! I am soo far behind!! (Yet still ahead of Myriad, but it’s little conoslation) Today I should be at 31667!! Which means that I am very far behind where I should be. This past week has been awful, though. I’ve been tired a lot, and so ended up taking a few naps, last weekend I went shopping with my dad and so didn’t get much writing done, and I’m always so busy at the beginning of the week that I didn’t write a single word for two days.

I actually ended up losing words at one point, because I had to change something that I had written. Apparently Pomegranates do not stain your hands red. Which, being as I’ve only ever eaten 6 seeds at a time (I’m such a good classics major), I had never known. But when my professor brought a pomegranate into my seminar, and I ended up eating somewhere between a quarter and a third of it, and my hands were covered in pomegranate juice, they still did not get dyed even the slightest bit of pink. So I had to change something that I had previously written.

Also, since I’m all done retelling the actual myths, I don’t really have a very good idea about what’s going to happen in my novel. So it’s going a lot slower, and I keep starting sections and then realize that they’re unnecessary and getting rid of them. It’s not going so great.

And naturally, a mutual friend of Myriad’s and mine is also doing nanowrimo, and he’s like ridiculously far ahead. He’s got over 36K right now. Damn him.

Anyway, I should probably get back to writing. I still don’t have a title. I should come up with one eventually, I guess.

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New humidifier!

So last year, when I said that I wanted a humidifier, my dad gave me his old one. It had a crack in it, but he had sealed it up so it worked fine. Eventually, it cracked again, breaking the seal. I tried to patch it up with a hot glue gun, which sort of worked, but then when I tried to use the humdifier, the glue melted again. And it leaked all over my rug.

So this weekend, when I went shopping with my dad, I said I needed a new humidifier, and he gave me the one he got to replace the first one. I brought it back to the apartment and set it up. This is what followed:

K: I’ll just throw this one out …
M: You’re going to throw out the whole thing?
K: What else could I do with it?
M: Well, you could steampunk it.
K: Hmmmm….
M: Oh no, I’ve given her ideas.
K: It could work, actually …
M: You could just stick it with all the disassembled stuff under your bed.

I just put it aside and did some homework. Fastforward a couple hours, though, when Myriad comes back from her club and the humidifier is in pieces all over the floor.

M: Hey.
K: Hey. How was (club)?
M: Fine …

Notice anything weird? Like the complete lack of comment about the ex-humidifier spread all across the room? Apparently she’s gotten used to that, after I took apart the supersoaker and after I took apart my laptop …

Next is her laptop …

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Quotes from Nanowrimo

These a just a bunch of quotes from my roommate and me, while we were writing our novels. (I am K, Myriad is M)

K: How do you yoke a swan?

M: I think I just invented automaton prostitutes…

M: They’re heavenly swans. They don’t honk.
K: What do they do, sing opera?
M: They … heavenly honk.

M: The opposite of port is not aft. It is starboard.
K: To be fair, aft is a direction that is not port.

M: I see your Hanson and raise you a Marky Mark.

K: Dear Google: Did the Greeks wear pants?

M: So he was exercising his stallion-uh …
K: Well, Myriad, your guy may be exercising his stallion all he wants …

M: My characters are running away with themselves.
K: With each other, you mean.

M: He’s the Moutach of the Sky!

M: The former with bulging pouches … of coin …

M: Are you writing the sex scene?
K: Yes! You told me to!

We’re only a week in, so I’m sure there will be plenty more fun quotes to come.

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I’m currently ahead of schedule, for only the second day so far. Naturally, I was so busy on Monday that I didn’t even get to start my novel until Tuesday. I was behind all week, and then yesterday I wrote 3,860 words. So far today I’ve written 1809. In order to finish on time, you need to write an average of 1667 every day. I’m trying to really get ahead so that if I don’t write as much this next week it won’t be a problem.

So far I’ve finished 3 chapters. I’ve got 21 pages and 12,716 words. And I’ve just about finished all of the storyline that I really knew. I’m going into uncharted territory. I’m done with the myths. And now I don’t know what to do. I’m actually starting to worry. What if I finish my story but don’t make 50K? What will I do?

Well, we’ll just have to see how it goes. Who knows, I may think up some twist that had never occured to me, and then it’ll give me thousands of words and all will be well. Or, I may be screwed. We shall see.

I’m thinking about putting up an exerpt, but I’m not really sure what to put up, or how much to put up. I’m still thinking about it.

Also, Dea, I won’t be doing a post just for you. Because it was really going to be a joke, and I was going to make one whole post the lyrics to the Pappy Drew-It theme song, but then you were so excited in the comments that I can’t do it. It’d just be too mean. I don’t really want to be that mean.

Anyway, just a quick update. Now back to writing!! (And maybe I’ll get some homework done today, too!)

PS. My name on nanowrimo is MituKagome, if anyone out there wants to be my buddy. I love having buddies!

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It is officially November!! Which means that it’s NANOWRIMO TIME!

For those of you who don’t know (tsk tsk) November is NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, or Nanowrimo for short. The goal is to try to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

Two years ago I started about a week before the end of the month (hadn’t heard of it before) and got 30,000 words in that one week. I was CRAZY. Of course, I was also just rewriting/editing something that I had written years ago, so it wasn’t too hard.

Last year, I wrote a Barbara Cartland novel. I started on time, finished on time, and actually hit 50,000 words. Wow. And my novel was FABULOUS if I do say so myself. I mean, really. I should get it published.

This year, I’m writing the story of Persephone and Hades as a romance novel. It should be fun. I had actually started before, but then last night, once it turned midnight and was officially November, I sat down to write and ended up actually doing research for it. is a fabulous reference, because it has all of the gods and myths, referenced by the actual classical texts. This way, I can find out all the little details, for example, the names of the nymphs that were friends with Persephone, and then I don’t have to make it all up. (Leukippe and Phaino and Elektra and Ianthe, Melita also and Iakhe with Rhodea and Kallirhoe and Melobosis and Tykhe and Okyrhoe, fair as a flower, Khryseis, Ianeira, Akaste and Admete and Rhodope and Plouto and charming Kalypso; Styx too was there and Ourania and lovely Galaxaura) Of course, as I was doing my research I realized that I needed to change some stuff in the two pages that I had already written, so now I’m going to start over.

Well, first I need to do my homework. I just wrote my commentary, I need to translate a section of Latin and prepare to meet with my professor tomorrow, and then I have a lecture/class tonight. After that my Greek class (sans the slowest reader in the world) is going to meet to read through the Greek as a means of studying for our quiz tomorrow. Then, if I make it home before midnight, I can start actually working on my novel. Maybe. Or I might just fall asleep, we’ll have to see how things turn out.

However, it’s getting to crunch time here, and Nanowrimo is not going to help anything. This will be the month of little to no sleep and barely making deadlines (oh wait, I do that anyway). So I may not be able to post that often on here. On the other hand, I may actually post excerpts from my novel, so it might be worthwhile to check!! Oh, and Dea, I’m gonna have a post especially for you, so just you wait!! 😀

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