Quotes from Nanowrimo

These a just a bunch of quotes from my roommate and me, while we were writing our novels. (I am K, Myriad is M)

K: How do you yoke a swan?

M: I think I just invented automaton prostitutes…

M: They’re heavenly swans. They don’t honk.
K: What do they do, sing opera?
M: They … heavenly honk.

M: The opposite of port is not aft. It is starboard.
K: To be fair, aft is a direction that is not port.

M: I see your Hanson and raise you a Marky Mark.

K: Dear Google: Did the Greeks wear pants?

M: So he was exercising his stallion-uh …
K: Well, Myriad, your guy may be exercising his stallion all he wants …

M: My characters are running away with themselves.
K: With each other, you mean.

M: He’s the Moutach of the Sky!

M: The former with bulging pouches … of coin …

M: Are you writing the sex scene?
K: Yes! You told me to!

We’re only a week in, so I’m sure there will be plenty more fun quotes to come.

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  1. port vs. starboard and fore vs. aft you silly silly.

    otherwise, it sounds like you’re having fun!

    • let me clarify: Myriad is the one writing about ships. She corrected herself, and I simply made herself feel better about her mistake by pointing out that she was not precisely entirely wrong.

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