New humidifier!

So last year, when I said that I wanted a humidifier, my dad gave me his old one. It had a crack in it, but he had sealed it up so it worked fine. Eventually, it cracked again, breaking the seal. I tried to patch it up with a hot glue gun, which sort of worked, but then when I tried to use the humdifier, the glue melted again. And it leaked all over my rug.

So this weekend, when I went shopping with my dad, I said I needed a new humidifier, and he gave me the one he got to replace the first one. I brought it back to the apartment and set it up. This is what followed:

K: I’ll just throw this one out …
M: You’re going to throw out the whole thing?
K: What else could I do with it?
M: Well, you could steampunk it.
K: Hmmmm….
M: Oh no, I’ve given her ideas.
K: It could work, actually …
M: You could just stick it with all the disassembled stuff under your bed.

I just put it aside and did some homework. Fastforward a couple hours, though, when Myriad comes back from her club and the humidifier is in pieces all over the floor.

M: Hey.
K: Hey. How was (club)?
M: Fine …

Notice anything weird? Like the complete lack of comment about the ex-humidifier spread all across the room? Apparently she’s gotten used to that, after I took apart the supersoaker and after I took apart my laptop …

Next is her laptop …

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  1. How are you planning on steampunking a humidifier? Also, way too fancy for me! When I was your age (ok so freshman year…) we all just stuck cups of water on top of the radiators and called it good — it kept my hands from cracking and bleeding.

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