Oh no!!! I am soo far behind!! (Yet still ahead of Myriad, but it’s little conoslation) Today I should be at 31667!! Which means that I am very far behind where I should be. This past week has been awful, though. I’ve been tired a lot, and so ended up taking a few naps, last weekend I went shopping with my dad and so didn’t get much writing done, and I’m always so busy at the beginning of the week that I didn’t write a single word for two days.

I actually ended up losing words at one point, because I had to change something that I had written. Apparently Pomegranates do not stain your hands red. Which, being as I’ve only ever eaten 6 seeds at a time (I’m such a good classics major), I had never known. But when my professor brought a pomegranate into my seminar, and I ended up eating somewhere between a quarter and a third of it, and my hands were covered in pomegranate juice, they still did not get dyed even the slightest bit of pink. So I had to change something that I had previously written.

Also, since I’m all done retelling the actual myths, I don’t really have a very good idea about what’s going to happen in my novel. So it’s going a lot slower, and I keep starting sections and then realize that they’re unnecessary and getting rid of them. It’s not going so great.

And naturally, a mutual friend of Myriad’s and mine is also doing nanowrimo, and he’s like ridiculously far ahead. He’s got over 36K right now. Damn him.

Anyway, I should probably get back to writing. I still don’t have a title. I should come up with one eventually, I guess.

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  1. I still stand by my option of: For the Love of Pomegranate. Isn’t that appropriately romance-novel-y?

    • If this were a Barbara novel, maybe.

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