More fun with Myriad and Kagome!!

M: So if you … inferior.

K: You can just supply ‘Hades’ for green.

M: I know what you mean, but I’m not sure there’s a way to say it. I’m sure the Greeks had a word for it.
K: I’m sure they did. ‘The spreading of hands in the “eh, whatever you say” kind of way.’

M:What would you call–raw.
K: Yes, dear.

K: If you have a whore, can you please call him Timarchos?

K: Persephone doesn’t have a snorkel!

M: She’s sitting among his paws, all 17 of them.

M: What’s the Greek word for this? (waves arms around)

M: I just made my hero a girl.
K: Well, no one would expect that one, especially if you put it after the sex scene.
M: Xander was talking to Petra, and he just had a sex change.

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  1. Depends if they’re being more bashful, innocent, or artless in their hand-spreading. 😛

  2. Also, check this out: it’s probably your kind of style.

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