And it’s over!!

So November is over. Well, officially I still have an hour, but I’m done. I hit 50K words yesterday evening before I left for my senior seminar, and I stopped then.

I’m actually almost done with my novel. There’s one scene that I need to finish up, but then it’s all done. I just don’t really have the time to finish that last little bit.

I kinda like it, actually. I know that there are some really crappy sections, some decent sections, probably no good sections, and several sex scenes (as Myriad said, everything in my novel must end with a sex scene). Those were really hard to write. They’re just so awkward!

I still don’t have a title.

Also, when Myriad and I went to the grocery store today, I bought a pomegranate, and we ate it at dinner. It was delicious.

But anyway, I’m done writing for now, so I should have time to actually think about things like homework and papers that are all due next week!

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  1. Way to still not have a title after writing 50k words.

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