More Eye Candy!!

So lately I’ve been watching a lot of TV. And by a lot I do mean A LOT. But the men are just so pretty …

First I started watching Doctor Who. Which is fabulous. (or should I say fantastic?) I may or may not have watched the first four seasons in one week (HINT: I did). So I started out with Doctor 9, Christopher Eccleston, who I do not think is very attractive, but we’ll throw him in here anyway.

Then was Doctor 10, the one and only David Tennant. And he’s kinda gorgeous.

And a more serious photo:

These two doctors also got to run around with Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.

He later got his own spin-off show, called Torchwood, which is not as good as Doctor Who, but was still pretty decent. I may or may not have watched that, too.

And there’s one more photo that I found that basically sums up a big part of his character.

I also really kinda love the way he looked in the Producers. He was the lead tenor in Springtime for Hitler, so he was a Nazi, and he was gorgeous (although Myriad does not agree with me). His voice is ALSO gorgeous.

The next doctor, Matt Smith, is not as attractive, and I really don’t like him as much as the Doctor … but I guess it’s not terrible.

After finishing off Doctor Who and Torchwood, I started watching Psych. It’s hilarious. It’s a fantastic show. The main character, Shawn, pretends to be a psychic in order to help the police solve crimes, and then he goes and opens a psychic detective agency with his friend, Gus. It’s a really funny show, but the comedy really isn’t forced and the plots are pretty good. And it helps that Shawn (James Roday) is a very attractive man.

I feel like the pictures don’t do him justice. As Myriad says: it’s the swagger. You have to actually watch him. His character is super obnoxious but at the same time kinda attractive. Really don’t know why.

But anyway, that’s what I’ve been watching lately. Not terribly much, just … 5 seasons of Doctor Who, 3 seasons of Torchwood and 4 seasons of Psych. In about a month… maybe a month and a half. I’ve been busy! Next, I need to find another show on netflix that is equally jam-packed with sexiness. I will keep you informed.

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New Podcast Idea

My friend was visiting this past week, and yesterday we drove out to this used bookstore. It’s awesome. Basically, it’s a barn, three stories high, with shelves shoved everywhere and covered with books. Most of the books are only $1, but there’s also a bunch of books that cost more, including a ton of first editions. We wandered about for an hour, and I got a few books. I got one book called Love Letters: an Anthology of Passion. It’s sooo cute! It’s full of quotes and snippets of plays and poems about love, and has a bunch of facsimiles of real historical love letters, with a little history about the relationship of the people who wrote/received it.

My favorite quote: “I will come back alive & as deep in love with you as a cormorant dives, as an anemone grows, as Neptune breathes, as the sea is deep.” -Dylan Thomas, a Welsh writer, to his wife Caitlin, around April 5, 1950.

As we were driving out to the store, we were listening to some music in the car, and Sonata Arctica’s Still Loving You came on. Yes, I know it’s a remake, but his voice is SOO SEXY. It’s deep and beautiful and as we’re driving I told my friend that I wanted that voice to tell me bedtime stories.

She agreed, so that’s when we decided to make our new podcast: men with sexy deep voices reading bedtime stories and/or erotica. (The erotica was her idea, not mine) But I figure that I can’t be the only person to ever think of this. I know that there are facebook groups called “I want Alan Rickman to read me bedtime stories”. Sadly, I couldn’t immediately find any podcasts on the itunes store, and I don’t really want to spend a ton of time looking for it.

If you know of a podcast with sexy deep voices, let me know!!

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So I’ve been trying to put together my steampunk outfit. It’s kinda working. I’ve got an apron-y thing, and a shirt, and an idea about the pants I want, and I have some shoes that should work with the outfit just fine. I’ve even got some jewelry.

But then I made myself this belt:

It was originally a purse, one of those little clutch purses that you really can’t do anything with. But then I cut it apart and sewed it back together, attached a couple strips to the strap in order to make it long enough to fit around my waist, and found out it’s actually almost too big. Which is AWESOME. I love it when that happens. So I’m going to make some tucks in the leather that I will be able to use to hold pencils or a screwdriver or something ridiculous, but it’ll make the belt fit better. It actually looks pretty good, fits right on the side of my hip, and curves around my hip nicely, due to the way it was originally constructed. So that worked out well.

And I’ve wanted goggles for FOREVER but I can’t seem to find ones that I want and I was having difficulty coming up with materials to make my own and I was looking online periodically but I didn’t want to spend a fortune, and then I found these:

Not really the most steampunk, I know, but they’re kinda perfect. The loupe is 20x magnification, and there’s an LED light to help me see whatever I’m working on. Exactly the kind of thing that I would need. And then if I needed to weld something, I could have separate goggles for that.

The other thing that I’ve been meaning to work on it making hats. I really want to know how to do it. So I bought a couple books, neither of which were terribly helpful, and found some websites, and eventually I want to try and make a hat. From scratch. If I do, I will definately be posting it on here. Because I’m sure it will be TERRIBLE and therefore I will want to share.

Also, I found an etsy store where they sell steampunk notebooks that are made by cutting the shapes out of cardboard and just gluing them to the notebooks. My first thought was “that’s so cool” and my second thought was “I can do that!!” So that is my new plan. Eventually. When I have the paint and glue and notebooks and time required.

But that’s about all the crafty stuff that I’ve been doing lately. Pretty boring. Wish I had done more.

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And a month later …

I haven’t updated in forever. I have just been so busy lately (much of that my own fault, as I will explain later). At one point I saw the address for my blog in my drop-down menu and was like “Oh, right, I have a blog.” Because I had forgotten about it. I really need to try and not forget about things like that.

My last post was about applying to SIUC. On Thursday, I was accepted! I was soo excited, running around grinning and telling everyone that I saw. Nevermind the fact that SIUC is 4th or 5th on a list of 5 grad schools, but at least I got in somewhere. Now I know what I’m doing next year. Even if I get rejected from all the other Universities, at least I got in somewhere.

I’ve been kinda busy with school. My greek class is on Euripides’ Medea, which is actually pretty easy (except that part that I had to translate in class yesterday, naturally, and which I messed up completely). Latin is Tacitus’ Annals, which is difficult and boring as all hell. I honestly believe that the only way to find an even more boring Latin text would be to read St. Augustine’s confessions in the original Latin, because I’m pretty sure I would keel over and die in the middle of a sentence. I had to read the confessions in translation once; I was pacing the apartment while I read just to stay awake. I’m also taking another class, which I find boring, but at least it’s not terrible, and an independent study, which I really should start working on.

Of course, I would have had a lot more time on my hands if we hadn’t renewed our Netflix. Myriad is good, she’ll watch maybe an episode or two a day. I, on the other hand, managed to watch the first four seasons of Doctor Who in a week. I slowed down when I hit season 5, mainly because I don’t like it as much without David Tennant. It’s just not the same! I kinda want to start watching Torchwood now, but then I would NEVER get any work done, so I’ll have to hold off on that. Maybe I’ll watch it during spring break? I can probably finish it then …

I got an email from my sister today. Apparently her friend wants to read my story from Nanowrimo 2010. This same friend apparently wrote a biography of Nessie, which sounds a lot more fun than my novel. I still need to finish up one section, and then I’m gonna send it out to have a free proof made, a prize for winning Nanowrimo. It’s just so bad, I’m kinda afraid to have anyone read it! On the other hand, it was written in a month, so some allowances must be made. (Although I will point out that Barbara Cartland would publish two or three novels in a month … just sayin.)

I’m waiting for Myriad to come home, and it’s raining outside. It was snowing earlier, but now it’s turned to rain and it looks wretched, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was postponing her return to avoid walking in it.

This post is really rambling, so I should probably just stop now, before it gets any worse.

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