So I’ve been trying to put together my steampunk outfit. It’s kinda working. I’ve got an apron-y thing, and a shirt, and an idea about the pants I want, and I have some shoes that should work with the outfit just fine. I’ve even got some jewelry.

But then I made myself this belt:

It was originally a purse, one of those little clutch purses that you really can’t do anything with. But then I cut it apart and sewed it back together, attached a couple strips to the strap in order to make it long enough to fit around my waist, and found out it’s actually almost too big. Which is AWESOME. I love it when that happens. So I’m going to make some tucks in the leather that I will be able to use to hold pencils or a screwdriver or something ridiculous, but it’ll make the belt fit better. It actually looks pretty good, fits right on the side of my hip, and curves around my hip nicely, due to the way it was originally constructed. So that worked out well.

And I’ve wanted goggles for FOREVER but I can’t seem to find ones that I want and I was having difficulty coming up with materials to make my own and I was looking online periodically but I didn’t want to spend a fortune, and then I found these:

Not really the most steampunk, I know, but they’re kinda perfect. The loupe is 20x magnification, and there’s an LED light to help me see whatever I’m working on. Exactly the kind of thing that I would need. And then if I needed to weld something, I could have separate goggles for that.

The other thing that I’ve been meaning to work on it making hats. I really want to know how to do it. So I bought a couple books, neither of which were terribly helpful, and found some websites, and eventually I want to try and make a hat. From scratch. If I do, I will definately be posting it on here. Because I’m sure it will be TERRIBLE and therefore I will want to share.

Also, I found an etsy store where they sell steampunk notebooks that are made by cutting the shapes out of cardboard and just gluing them to the notebooks. My first thought was “that’s so cool” and my second thought was “I can do that!!” So that is my new plan. Eventually. When I have the paint and glue and notebooks and time required.

But that’s about all the crafty stuff that I’ve been doing lately. Pretty boring. Wish I had done more.

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  1. “And then if I needed to weld something…” in a metaphorical sense, right? You haven’t picked up welding while I wasn’t looking, have you?

    Nice belt! A good thing to keep in mind with leather work is to wax your threads. They’re sturdier and waterproof. Just like a chunk of beeswax, and you rub it down the section of thread you’re working with before you start threading it.

    Also — I love your response to that Etsy post. So much of Etsy should be responded with “oh that’s friggin’ easy, I can do that with 30 seconds and hot glue gun!” One of the webcomic authors I read was like “omg my wife does metal work jewelry check out her etsy” so I was like ‘metalwork? fancy!’ Nope. She didn’t use anything more complex than a hammer and an engraver (I’m blanking on the exact name — but they’re the long skinny rectangles of metal with a backwards letter on one end, and a place to hit the hammer on the other — Grandpa’s got them).

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