New Podcast Idea

My friend was visiting this past week, and yesterday we drove out to this used bookstore. It’s awesome. Basically, it’s a barn, three stories high, with shelves shoved everywhere and covered with books. Most of the books are only $1, but there’s also a bunch of books that cost more, including a ton of first editions. We wandered about for an hour, and I got a few books. I got one book called Love Letters: an Anthology of Passion. It’s sooo cute! It’s full of quotes and snippets of plays and poems about love, and has a bunch of facsimiles of real historical love letters, with a little history about the relationship of the people who wrote/received it.

My favorite quote: “I will come back alive & as deep in love with you as a cormorant dives, as an anemone grows, as Neptune breathes, as the sea is deep.” -Dylan Thomas, a Welsh writer, to his wife Caitlin, around April 5, 1950.

As we were driving out to the store, we were listening to some music in the car, and Sonata Arctica’s Still Loving You came on. Yes, I know it’s a remake, but his voice is SOO SEXY. It’s deep and beautiful and as we’re driving I told my friend that I wanted that voice to tell me bedtime stories.

She agreed, so that’s when we decided to make our new podcast: men with sexy deep voices reading bedtime stories and/or erotica. (The erotica was her idea, not mine) But I figure that I can’t be the only person to ever think of this. I know that there are facebook groups called “I want Alan Rickman to read me bedtime stories”. Sadly, I couldn’t immediately find any podcasts on the itunes store, and I don’t really want to spend a ton of time looking for it.

If you know of a podcast with sexy deep voices, let me know!!

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