Jetpack Part 2

Ok, so I’ll finally get around to the end result with my jet pack, I promise.

Step One: Wake up in the morning feeling like P diddy and realize that your jetpack looks like crap. Go to Home Depot. Buy a couple piecesĀ of flexible tubing (which naturally my mom had in the basement THE WHOLE TIME) and a pressure gauge (which I probably could have gotten for free as well). I also bought a light switch box which would eventually turn into the on button box, and a dimmer switch dial which became the on button.

Step Two: Paint everything. Really really start loving this color of spray paint, because it will be everywhere. I literally just got the last bits off my fingernails today, about a week later.

Step Three: I also bought some black woven ribbon stuff, that I used as the straps. I also spraypainted this, but just a little because I didn’t want it to get too stiff.

Step Four: I sewed the black straps around the crisscrosses that I had tied on the back of the jetpack parts … You can see it in the last post. I also sewed a loop on the end of the straps that I could fit the belt into, so that the backpack-like straps would connect with the strap around my chest.

Step Five: I glued the gauge on the front, actually gluing it to a piece of cardboard folded into a triangle to fit between the pieces. Then I glued the flexible tubing things one on top of the guage and one underneath it. The one underneath it connected to the back of the jetpack.

Step Six: The dimmer switch got glued to the back of lightswitch box. I ran wire through the screw holes and used that to tie it to the backpack straps. Then I glued the end of the flexible tubing to it. And voila! A jetpack! Sorta!

This is really the only picture I’ve got of it, I think. And since it promptly fell apart and I haven’t reglued it yet and its in my basement hidden behind all my college stuff that I FINALLY took out of my car today … I’m not takingĀ a new picture right now. Maybe someone else got a good one.

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Hi, Remember me?

Wow, so it’s been a long time since I updated, and there have been a lot of pivotal events in my life that have happened since then, so naturally I’m going to tell you none of that and skip right to the fun stuff.

This weekend is the Steampunk World’s Fair. And I’m going. And somehow I decided to make myself a steampunk jetpack to wear at the event. I finally got around to starting it today, two days before the event, because I’m totally on top of everything like that. So I figured I’d share some progress shots.

Step One: Dismantle a dehumidifier. I don’t actually have any photos of that, but I’m sure that Myriad does somewhere, and I’ll post them once she shares with me. I also dismantled a super soaker and a surge protector, but I don’t know if I’m using any of those pieces.

Step Two: Paint everything a pretty copper color.

Note: some of these pieces are from the supersoaker. Also, it turns out that the paint I chose makes a gorgeous metallic color if you paint it on something black. So naturally everything I had was white. It also helps if you’re spray painting on a day when it’s raining, because that really helps things dry faster.

Make sure to cover everything, including yourself.

It’ll come off eventually. Hopefully.

Step Three: Pet the cat.

This really has no practical application, but hey, the paint has to dry anyway, and maybe then the cat will look less angry. Flashing cameras really help that.

Now is also a good time to get dinner.

Step Four: Start gluing things together. One of the pieces that I had didn’t have a bottom, so I made a cardboard bottom and glued that on. It still needs more paint to cover the writing on the cardboard. I also glued a canning jar lid to the bottom to try and match the thing on the bottom of the other piece (this is all highly technical terms).

Step Five (am I up to five? I’ve lost count): Cut up a pair of old boots. My snow boots had laces up the front, and they’ve got these cute little leather straps with grommets to hold the laces. Being as those boots are all ripped up and I don’t use them anyway, I chopped off the laces and started gluing them to the sides of the “jetpack”.

Like such. I then laced the laces through the grommets a couple times. I have another strap that I will put around my arms like the straps of a backpack. Then I started gluing a belt on below the laces. The belt will strap around my chest (below the boobs, if you were wondering Dea/Myriad).

Now is a perfect time to run out of hot glue. Naturally I found an almost-full package of 100 glue sticks, but they don’t fit my glue gun (really, how many different sizes of “mini glue guns” are there?). So, being as it is almost midnight and I’m not about to run out to Walmart now, we’ll just leave it there, and figure out what to do with it tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll actually make it look like a jetpack.

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