Jetpack Part 2

Ok, so I’ll finally get around to the end result with my jet pack, I promise.

Step One: Wake up in the morning feeling like P diddy and realize that your jetpack looks like crap. Go to Home Depot. Buy a couple pieces of flexible tubing (which naturally my mom had in the basement THE WHOLE TIME) and a pressure gauge (which I probably could have gotten for free as well). I also bought a light switch box which would eventually turn into the on button box, and a dimmer switch dial which became the on button.

Step Two: Paint everything. Really really start loving this color of spray paint, because it will be everywhere. I literally just got the last bits off my fingernails today, about a week later.

Step Three: I also bought some black woven ribbon stuff, that I used as the straps. I also spraypainted this, but just a little because I didn’t want it to get too stiff.

Step Four: I sewed the black straps around the crisscrosses that I had tied on the back of the jetpack parts … You can see it in the last post. I also sewed a loop on the end of the straps that I could fit the belt into, so that the backpack-like straps would connect with the strap around my chest.

Step Five: I glued the gauge on the front, actually gluing it to a piece of cardboard folded into a triangle to fit between the pieces. Then I glued the flexible tubing things one on top of the guage and one underneath it. The one underneath it connected to the back of the jetpack.

Step Six: The dimmer switch got glued to the back of lightswitch box. I ran wire through the screw holes and used that to tie it to the backpack straps. Then I glued the end of the flexible tubing to it. And voila! A jetpack! Sorta!

This is really the only picture I’ve got of it, I think. And since it promptly fell apart and I haven’t reglued it yet and its in my basement hidden behind all my college stuff that I FINALLY took out of my car today … I’m not taking a new picture right now. Maybe someone else got a good one.

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