I need 30 hour days

So I was working on my Project for several hours every day. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, I did really well, and I got a lot done. Well, not a lot, but a lot considering how badly Step 1 makes my hand hurt.

See, the thing is that my current project has 6 main parts, and 2 minor parts that I may decide not to do once the first 6 are done. And then each part has two steps. Step 1 is tedious and annoying and really really hurts. (I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I have tendonitis, but I do, so it’s not just inherently painful, cause that makes it sound like I’m getting a tattoo or something. I’m not.) Step 2 takes longer, is equally tedious, but doesn’t hurt, which is good. Step 2 involves a lot of painting, with several different colors.

So I’ve finished Step 1 on three sections (Sections 1, 2, and 6, actually). And then I finished Step 2 on two of them. I was so excited, and I was looking at it last night when I realized that I messed it up. I painted one section the wrong color, so now I need to go back and fix it. And naturally it’s a section that requires some paint that I don’t currently own, because I bought a couple different shades but didn’t like the color. Naturally the paint dries a completely different color than it looks in the bottle. It sucks.

So, I need to find some way to get rid of the paint on that bit that I messed up. Mom says that the paint isn’t actually waterproof, so I may just have to wash it off carefully so that I don’t wash off the part that’s fine.

Side note: My kitten has finally figured out how to get up to the bird cage. She finds him VERY interesting. I’m just waiting for the bird to bite her little toes. Any minute now …

So, back to the project. Once I get rid of the wrong paint, I need to find the right paint, which may involve mixing two paints together, and therefore I’ll have to do everything that color at once, which is on three different sections. I also need to buy some paint for another section, as well.

Then, I need to do Step 1 on sections 3, 4, and 5. Yay. Every Step 1 takes about the length of one movie. And it’s boring, so I do it while watching a movie. I have seen so many movies lately …

And then I need to finish Step 2 on section 6, and do all the other sections.

It’s a lot of work. Meanwhile, my mom calls me every night and wants to know how its going AND expects me to be cleaning the house. Pick a project! Has she seen our house?!? (I spent over 3 hours cleaning the kitchen the other day. The living room is next.)

And I’d really like to take a day off. I haven’t done any step 1 in like two days now, and my hand is still swollen. But I’d like to get as much done as possible before my mom comes home from her conference on Friday. Oh wait, that’s tomorrow, nevermind …

So I really just need like 30 hour days. Or I need to not sleep until noon every day. But I get so tired!!! 😦

Then next week I’ll be out at camp, where I won’t be able to get much internet, so I will have plenty of time to work on my story. Maybe I’ll even finish it. And then maybe I’ll tell you what it is about. Maybe.

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My grandmother does not know the ettiquette involved with asking someone a favor.

What you do is you call them. If no one answers, wait a few minutes and then try again. If still no one answers, leave a message.

You do not call, hang up before it even goes to voicemail (I know because I tried to answer it), and then walk over here asking to be taken to the store. That is not how it works.

Then she just sat there, expecting me to go grab my keys and go, and I had to be like “not now, I just woke up, I need to shower and get dressed …” Eventually she left and now she’s waiting next to the phone for me to call her when I’m ready.

This had better not take too long, because I will be seeing Transformers at 4, whether she’s done shopping or not.

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Pain! Lots of pain!

So my fun new project brought my tendonitis back. Yay! Which means that I may not be able to get as much done as I wanted each day … it’s going to take forever.

I get to bring the kitties to the vet today. That should be fun! They both just love the car ride SO MUCH!! They spend the whole car ride telling me how awesome it is and how happy they are to be there. Aren’t they just adorable?

This was from Saturday morning, when we brought the kitties out only to discover that it was the one day a month that she took a vacation. Who knew?

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New Project

I would like to start out by saying that the anti-lick stuff I gave my cat is useless. As far as I can tell, I get more of it on me than on the cat, it tastes foul and does not wash off (trust me, I tried) and the cat still licks her belly. She’s going to the vet tomorrow, they can figure something out.

On another note, I have a new project. But I’m not going to tell you what it is until I’m done. I spent a couple hours planning it earlier, then a while in the art store buying supplies, and then spent over three hours actually working on it tonight. And I’m about 1/3 done. Well … less than that, actually. Basically it will take forever.

Anyway, because I was working on that, I didn’t write anyting today. I think my story will have to be put on hiatus until this new project is done.

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So my cat licks her belly all the time. She licks it to the point that she licks all of the fur off of her stomach. So today we bought this spray stuff that is supposed to taste bad, and you spray it on whatever the animal is chewing/licking, and they’ll stop chewing/licking it.

The stuff tastes vile, let me tell you. Somehow, I managed to get it on my hands when I sprayed her belly. And since then, if I touch my mouth (which I seem to do a lot more than I would have expected) I get that vile bitter taste. It’s awful. If I was a cat, I’d stop licking myself. This stuff tastes almost as bad as my malaria medicine did, only the taste of the spray goes away, while you could taste the malarias all day.

So yesterday, I got bored, and wrote up that lovely post, and then I didn’t actually write anything. So I figured that I would make up for it today. Then I went to the vets office, only to find it closed, had to entertain my cousins for a bit (oh, goody), went to a graduation party for a kid I don’t know, went shopping for a bit and bought the icky tasting spray, and went home to find that we had been invited to my grandparent’s house for pie. Which took an hour and a half because my mom and my grandpa kept talking about our failing public education system. So we made it home a little after 8, fixed dinner, and then put in Saving Private Ryan. I reached for my computer to start typing, and my mom freaked out on me, and was all like “Why can’t you just watch the movie?!” Then she told me that I could continue hunting mice, but that was it.

So I didn’t get any writing done today. Or yesterday. And I probably won’t get much if any done tonight before bed. I’m really not doing very well on this. I’ll have to try harder tomorrow.

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What to do?

What I like to do is almost every night, as I’m trying to fall asleep, I go over my stories in my head. I don’t usually act them out, because I’m trying to sleep, but I just go over them, figuring out dialog and kinda playing them through as though I were watching a movie in my head. (Does this make sense to anyone else or am I the only one that does that?) As a consequence, I almost always have one scene (or several) in each story of mine where the main character is sick or injured or something and so is in bed recouperating, because I can act that out while lying down! Yeah! I try to avoid that, but it doesn’t usually work, and so I’m sure that if I gave the basic synopsis of my stories they would almost all be something like guy meets girl, girl is sick/injured/dying/etc, guy helps to save girl and/or frets over her until she gets better, they fall in love and live happily ever after. I like romances. They have happy endings.

I would like to say that I write fantasy novels with an element of romance, but I have sorta come to the conclusion that I write romances with an element of fantasy.

This story that I’m working on now is a story that I’ve had in my head for several years. And I know that it sucks, but we’re not going to go into that. And since this story has been in my head for so long, I’ve gone over it a ton of times, so all of the major scenes are basically planned out, and I just have to type them up. So those parts usually go pretty quickly. It’s the in-between scenes that I hate. They’re boring, they’re slow, and I don’t plan them out so I never know what to write. I know part A, and I know part B, but I have no clue how they get from part A to part B.

That’s where I’m at right now. An in-between-scene. And I know it will be a short one, but I still don’t want to do it. IT’S BORING. I DONT WANNA.

So whenever I type up the major scenes, that’s when I get all caught up, and the days where I write 3000 words in a single day. But then I get to the in-betweens, and I write about … 200 words. (I think that’s kinda how many words I wrote yesterday, and I haven’t even opened the file today, and it’s almost 11pm.)

I want to finish this story. And I’m close, I know it. It’s a short one (most of mine are, actually.) I just need to get through this in-between, then there’s 4 major scenes that are pretty close together with minor in-betweens in between them. So I should be able to finish this month, if I work at it. But I don’t want to…

There’s a couple other stories … maaaaaaybe 3 … that I go through in my head regularly. One of them is basically another romance with a fantasy element. Another one is an idea that could be interesting but I have no idea where to take it. And the third one is one that I know I will never be able to write, as it involves politics, and I don’t know enough about politics to write up the background and causes of a fictional war in a fictional world. Ooh, and I just remembered another one that is basically straight romance. No fantasy element involved.

Now, lots of times I have a dream that has a super cool idea in it, and I think to myself, I should put that in a story. I’ve compiled a bunch of my super cool ideas in a notebook, and then I started writing a fantasy novel using those ideas, but I don’t know where to go with it or how to fit all the ideas in there. I would love to be able to make a fantasy epic on the lines of Golden Compass or Stardust, that has a ton of different elements in it, but I feel like I don’t know how. Also, since most of my cool ideas are from dreams, they don’t have beginnings or endings.

Every now and then I manage to remember enough of my dream that I write it down, and some of them are really cool, and I feel like I should write them up into stories (I actually made a short story of one, it had this super awesome twist right at the end that I never saw coming) but I don’t know how.

I always feel so unimaginitive when I try to come up with a plot. I have awesome elements, and should be able to make an awesome plot, but somehow the most that I can get is romance with elements of fantasy. I feel like maybe I could try collaborating with someone, planning out the plot with them, and then writing it myself. On the other hand, that brings us to the problem that my writing is also rather insipid, and I feel like the best that I can do is young adult level of writing. It doesn’t help that I really enjoy reading young adult fantasy novels, but when I read more adult level books, they’re usually action/adventure like James Rollins (which is more of the covert agencies and intrigues that I can barely follow and therefore cannot even pretend to write myself).

So at the moment, there are a bunch of stories that I have kicking around in my head. Once I’m done with this one, I will have one less. And then I guess I should move on to one of the other ones that I’ve been thinking of for so long. The problem is that I don’t want to. They all seem boring now, and I don’t want to have to deal with them. But I can’t think of anything new, either. It’s really quite frustrating. Whenever I think of something, it always reminds me of something that I’ve read or seen, and so I don’t want to write it, because it’s just like that other thing.

And while I love doing creative things like crafts and stuff, I can’t think of anything to do like that, either. Today I spent hours online googling steampunk crafts, hoping that something would be interesting. Nothing was interesting enough to convince me to try it. So instead, I spent all day on my computer. Then I started to watch one movie, stopped because it was boring, went back to the internet, watched another movie later, which was equally boring, and so I spent the entire time reading trivia on IMDB. I have no life, but I haven’t even been doing anything useful with my time, either. I am so bored with everything right now. I just want something exciting to come along and give me some motive to wake up before noon (and having to get up early and take the kitten to the vet because she’s got worms does not count).

I have a few different hobbies, I think. But I find them all too boring to actually want to do them right now. I need someone to give me something to do. Or something to write about. Or something to make a diorama of. Or … SOMETHING.


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Almost forgot to update, but I’m too lazy to actually update, so here’s just a writing update.

Total: 22037/22000
Yesterday: 1455/1000

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You know, I really kinda enjoy watching shows like Say Yes to the Dress, which is absolutely ridiculous, because the dresses are just so pretty! And hideously overpriced in that show …

Anyway, wedding gowns are pretty. And, if you make sure to look at the sales, you can find some really pretty ones that are decently priced.

For example:

this one
and this one
this one, too
this one
and I love this one

These gowns are all really pretty and under $300.

Even if you want to have an informal wedding, I still think that a gown is what sets a wedding reception apart from a party. It doesn’t matter if you have a cake or a pile of cookies, (cupcakes are still out) and it doesn’t matter if your guy is wearing a tux or a plain suit (but tuxes are so nice…) but I think that you really should be wearing a wedding gown. Even if it’s a plain and simple one, you need the dress.

Myriad, do you remember when we watched that show four weddings? The one that our RA from sophomore year was in (and looking gorgeous, might I add)? Well, one of the girls there had a super informal wedding (at a castle). Guys were walking around in hiwaiian shirts and girls were in sundresses and flip-flops, but she still wore the wedding gown. And I really think that it was nice for the bride to be in a gown.

So, Dea, if you haven’t figured it out yet, let me spell it for you: You should wear a wedding gown. Even if it’s a simple plain white sheath dress or something, you need the gown. And I think mom would help you buy it if it’s a matter of finances.

I completely understand why you would think it’s an unnecessary expense. After all, it is a dress that you will only wear once. But Salvation Army sells wedding dresses for like $50 sometimes. You might be able to find one that fits you! (I had the best of luck buying prom dresses at Salvo. I got a couple dresses for like $12 for the middle school/high school dances.)

Anyway, wear a dress. 😀

Words yesterday: 1788/1000
Words total: 20582/21000

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Super 8

So, I saw super 8 last night. And it was … interesting. I think I liked it. But then the ending was stupid, which kinda ruined the whole thing.

I had a couple issues with the alien though. (You should know by know that there’s an alien in it, so hopefully that’s not a spoiler) First of all, it looked like a cross between the demon from Constantine and something that Guillermo del Toro made up. References: from Constantine and from Hellboy.

Also, it wrapped people up and hung them from the ceiling, like the spidery creature thing in Stephen King’s IT.

Then, the movie itself was mostly quiet, but there were a couple scenes that were SO FREAKING LOUD that you just wanted to leave the theater so your ears would stop hurting.

I saw the movie with my friend, and I’m fairly certain we were those assholes who talked through the whole thing. I tried to keep my voice down. Didn’t always work. 😀

(That smiley reminds me: I really hate it when people make their smileys face the other way. A smile is : ) it is NOT (: because that is just wrong. Smileys should face to the right. As in turned couterclockwise, not the other way around.)

So… I think I would reccommend Super 8, but it also would be totally fine to wait until it’s in a redbox somewhere.

Movies I want to see: Cowboys and Aliens, Harry Potter, possibly Captain America
Movies I’m going to see and no one is going to stop me: Transformers 3 (June 29th!!! OMG it’s in like a week!!!)

Writing: currently at 18794, didn’t get 1000 words yesterday and I’m too lazy to do the math.

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Meet Maya!

So as I mentioned yesterday, we went to go look at this woman’s kittens. Apparently their momcat was a stray, and she left the litter in this family’s woodpile. The poor kittens all got eye infections and everything, so the family took them all in to the vets, lay an entertainment center on the floor with all the shelves removed as a sort of kitten barrier to keep them in one place, and then took care of them for a couple months until they could be adopted.

By the time we called, there was only one left, so we took her home. We named her Maya.

She was born around April 8, so she’s only a couple months old. She’s mostly white, with a couple brown and grey spots near her tail, and by her head. She’s got the “M” that tabbys get, as well as the eyeliner, but her markings are grey on one side of her face, and brown on the other.

This is her model photo.

She apparently likes Coca-Cola (mine!! get away!!)

She mews a lot. We put her in a cage at night, and she cried whenever she heard someone moving in the house. She also mews constantly while she’s playing around the house, so I don’t know what her problem is. It’s really squeeky. A friend of mine said that some kittens will mew constantly until they’re a bit older. Let’s hope so.

Lita took one look at her and hissed. So now they hiss at each other. Roby got all excited until she swatted him on the nose. Later she did it again, so now Roby is afraid of her. Might I point out that Roby is a german shepard/husky? And this kitten is about the size of his squeeky toys? Haley didn’t notice her until this morning, but then when she was exploring she ended up in my room. Haley growled at her a bit, and I ended up taking Maya away and shutting the door so she left Haley alone. (She really wanted to go in Haley’s litter box)

Right now she’s running around the house like crazy, playing with everything that she can find. You won’t believe how many things under my mom’s bed can be batted around. She also likes to play with the laser pointer.

And, she’s a shoulder cat! By which I mean she will crawl up and sit on my shoulder and let me carry her around like that. I’ve always wanted a shoulder cat!

Writing progress:
Yesterday words: 1159/1000
Yesterday total: 18518/19000

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