So, I’m in need of some help. Recently my grandfather was told that he can’t eat fish or meat. Being a guy who is always working hard, he needs to eat a lot, so meat was always the main part of his meals.

Today my grandmother came over and told us that she was making potatoes, carrots and sauerkraut for lunch. And we both just kinda stared at her. She has no idea how to cook vegetarian, and so apparently has just been feeding him potatoes all the time. This is not healthy!!

So my mother and I decided that we need to get her some vegetarian recipe books. We need an easy one, with nice photos and everything, and we don’t think that they would be willing to eat tofu, so that is out! So, does anyone have any ideas for some good veggie recipe books or does anyone have any vegetarian recipes? I’m sure my grandpa would appreciate it if you share!!!

Also, we really need vegetarian MAIN dishes, not just sides! I keep seeing a lot of tasty-looking side dishes, but you can’t just eat sides!!

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  1. I sent mom a bunch of good links. But I’ll list them here as well. Also, the trick to making a side dish a main course is making a bigger portion, or serving it over rice (if it’s a veggie).


    ^ that entire cooking blog is vegetarian and all of her food is DELICIOUS.

    ^ she also often has delicious looking (and tasting) food, but her most recent post of vegetarian fritters looks amazing. and it’ll be a nice “sorta like a hamburger in texture” meal.

    ^ often vegetarian, fairly simple, Indian food (a friend of my friend Rimi)

    ^ vegan desserts. I know he doesn’t have to be vegan, but she also occasionally does non-desserts, and it might give you a springing-off point for ideas

    ^ her food is just delicious. not all vegetarian, but enough.

    that’s a pretty basic list, but I also have a few vegetarian cookbooks. I also have a fabulous one that I can lend you called “Vegan Soul Kitchen” — where a guy reinterprets Southern food for vegans. Absolutely delicious!” <– the email

    Also, look to traditional foods. Indian, Mexican, etc. If the main population is poor, they probably eat a lot of vegetarian meals. Isn't the Moosewood Cookbook that mom has vegetarian? Check the Japanese cookbook for vegetarian stuff.

    Also, a FABULOUS book to get for grandma: Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Bible-worthy.


    Dunno on the cookbooks, though I can ask my veggie friends.

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