Writing Buddies!

So Myriad was saying in her blog that she wants to try and finish the novel that she had started for Nanowrimo. She almost hit 50K (and totally could have done it if she hadn’t suddenly decided to do her homework two days before the end of the month), but was nowhere near the end of her novel, apparently. So she’s trying to finish that. Meanwhile, I had started working on writing up one of the bajillion stories kicking around in my head.

I asked Myriad if she wanted to be writing buddies, and she said yes. We’re planning on having 1K words a day. That’s not too excessive, is it? Let’s just pretend that I started on June 1st, because I started sometime around there, and I’ve got 5K words (ish). So I’m basically on track at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep doing it. At the rate I’m going with my life, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve currently got no job and nothing to do, except minor chores around the house.

So I’m going to keep track of my word count starting today, and I’ll periodically update this as to my progress. If it turns out ok, I may even tell you what the story is about. It’s kinda ridiculous, even to me … oh well.

Currently: 5014.
Words left to Daily Goal: 1000
Words left to be on track: 986

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  1. So what’s your new story?

    Also, I forgot to tell you yesterday. A new used book store opened up by that awesome breakfast place I love (their first day was Saturday) and they have a HUGE paperback romance section. There’s the romance section, the historical romance section, and the harlequin section. And a massive amount of fantasy/sci-fi if you’re still reading that.

    • Are there any Barbaras?

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