Canada is huge.

So this weekend I’ll be going to Montreal or Quebec, I really can’t remember which (yay Canadia). The Chinese terracotta soldiers are on tour … in whichever city it is … and my mom and I are going. And probably her boyfriend as well, but I really hope not if only so that I don’t have to sit in the backseat of a two door car for the entire ride there and back, because I get carsick.

So while I was on facebook, I noticed that Jeffrey Straker, a super awesome singer/songwriter/pianist was going to be performing on Saturday. Somewhere in Canadia. So I thought to myself, how awesome would it be if I could go see him perform while we were in Canadia, since he bailed on the Steampunk World’s Fair and I didn’t get to see him then? (EDIT: Apparently he wasn’t allowed into the country, so it’s totally not his fault, it’s the US custom’s fault.) So I looked it up in google maps, since my geography is absolutely terrible, and I had never heard of the city that he was performing in anyway. Naturally, it’s somewhere north of MONTANA. I am nowhere near Montana. I am going nowhere near the place near Montana. So I can’t go see him perform, le sigh.

On a completely different note, I finished watching Band of Brothers yesterday. It is FANTASTIC. It’s an absolutely amazing series about one company of Paratroopers in WWII. Their first jump was Normandy, if that gives you some idea of how intense this was. At the beginning of every episode, they have interviews with the guys who survived and are still living today, and then at the end of the last episode they give their names so you can see who they are. It’s awesome. I definitely recommend this to everyone. Note that it is an HBO series, so there is blood and gore, but only when necessary (it is a war, people do get hurt) and I think there was one sex scene, kinda just thrown in there randomly. (Hey, it’s HBO, let’s have a SEX SCENE!!) So yeah, go watch it. 10 episodes, each one about 70 minutes long.

Writing Update:
Yesterday: 965/1000
Yesterday Total: 7035/7000

I noticed that Myriad has been updating at the end of the day, but hey when I’m done I go to bed, so I’ll be off by a day with my statuses.

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  1. Well, technically, Jeff didn’t bail… US customs wouldn’t let him into the country! They literally turned him back at the border!

    • Oh no! That’s awful! Damn US customs depriving me of a good concert …

  2. Yes! Sorry about that! And we put all that work in and covered his flight and expenses and…yeah. 😦

    • No worries, it’s not your fault! You guys had enough else to worry about at the time! I’ll just have to see him another time. 🙂

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