Heat Wave!!

Speaking of which, I actually saw the second Richard Castle book on sale in Borders yesterday …

Anyway, it’s been really hot. Yesterday, I had to run an errand, and the thermometer in my car said that it was 96 degrees outside. It is hot. I really don’t like heat, so I’ve been sitting inside, in front of a bunch of fans with all the windows closed tight to keep the heat out. And I’m still dying.

After dinner last night, we all drove to get icecream. My mom, grandma, grandpa, my mom’s boyfriend and me. So I was squeezed in the middle of the backseat. DYING. It was so hot and I kept trying to not touch anyone, but it didn’t really work, and the damn icecream place is like 2o minutes away. They’ve got like 20 flavors of yogurt as well as the bajillion icrecream flavors, so my mom really likes to go there. I have been 3 times now, never impressed. Totally not worth all the sweating in the car ride over.

I’ve also got heat rash all over my legs, and I’m sure that holding my laptop on my lap to work on my story REALLY didn’t help that.

Heat should break tomorrow, yay!!

Side note, I’ve realized that my story really is a fantasy barbara cartland novel. And I’m ok with that.

Yesterday: 1090/1000
Yesterday Goal: 8125/8000

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  1. Holy cow you’ve been posting like a maniac! I think the heat is part of the reason why I nearly passed out on the train. At least you have fuzzy critters to distract from the heat.

    • Yeah, I’m posting every day to put up my status for my story. It’s crazy.

  2. Question: has anything you’ve written NOT been a Barbara?

    • Probably not. Barbaras are so easy!

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