All Quiet on the Western Job Front

Or any job front for that matter. I applied to about a bajillion places, and naturally I have heard nothing. One place gave me a quick interview as I handed in the application, and then Macy’s actually called me in for a legit interview, but then told me that I couldn’t transfer until I had been there for a year, so I can’t work there this summer and then keep working when I move to Illinois. But I haven’t heard anything back from most places. Out of the bajillion, two actually sent an automated email saying that they would not be able to hire me, which was very nice of them, because the rest have just left me hanging. And I don’t appreciate it. So I keep avoiding buying anything because I have no money, and I can’t see myself getting any anytime soon.

Also, I still have not heard back from the University if I will be getting a fellowship! I check every other week, and every time I call, they tell me that the people in charge have still not met to discuss it. Well, thanks, guys.

Side note: I love Razzles, but I have a tendency to just eat the entire package at once … really need to stop that.

So tomorrow we’re heading off to Canada. I am and am not looking forward to it. I hate cars. I tend to get carsick, and since Mom’s boyfriend’s car is a two door, the back is really small. It’s also a stick and I don’t think the shocks are that great because the ride is always bumpy and I get headaches almost instantaneously. Yay. So three and a half hours up there, three and a half hours back in the evening, a total of 7 hours in the car.

And that’s not terrible. At least I’m not driving, so if I really want to, I can sleep on the way back, and I can just pop in my headphones (if I can find them …) and listen to music. I can’t read in cars (or planes or trains or buses) because I get headaches. I may try to bring my knitting, but that’ll probably also give me a headache. So basically I just get to sit there and listen to my mom and her boyfriend talk about stuff that I’m usually not interested in. My favorite!!

We’re going to see the Terracotta soldiers, which are awesome. On the other hand, I already saw them. And I’m really not a fan of art, so art museums are not something that I’m interested in. I get bored VERY quickly. And after that, we’re going to Old Montreal Village or somesuch? No idea what we’ll be doing, but says it will be a high of 64 and raining. Oh yay.

Oh, and did I mention that we’re leaving at 6am? 😀

So, needless to say, I will not be working on my story tomorrow, so I am sure that I will fall behind. Cause I’m getting bored of just sitting here writing, and I’m not so good at writing while watching a movie, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get ahead today. But, you know, I need to give Myriad a chance to catch up, don’t I?

Also, I ran out of Razzles.

Words Yesterday: 1010/1000
Total: 9135/9000

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  1. Did you change your blog format or did the iPad make shit up? Very confused for about 5 mins…

    Job searching sucks. I am in a similar boat, but I’ve been approved for unemployment! So I will start getting checks soon.

    And I find the problem is not listening to mom and D talking about stupid shit, it’s listening to them argue. Mom was telling me about this stupid fight they had where mom brought him coffee, and he already had made some. In case you’re wondering, that means he’s selfish.

    Have a fun trip to montreal. I hope you find the 24 hour pie shop that sells pies by the slice!

    • Do you have the name of this pie shop? Because I’m sure mom and D would be willing to stop by and get pie …

      And yes, I heard that coffee fight as well. It’s not that D had made some, it’s that he hadn’t offered any to mom, even though mom always offers coffee to him.

  2. It’s totally the iPad combined with wordpress. It wants to read your blog like a book, and make me turn pages…

  3. Rockaberry
    4275 Rue Saint-Denis
    Montreal, QC H2J 2K8, Canada

    Good luck!

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