Back from Canadia

So when we went to Canada yesterday, I was running on about three hours of sleep. Not so good. I had the hardest time falling asleep, and then I couldn’t stay asleep and woke up twice during the night.

We stopped at a diner on the way up so that we could get some breakfast, and there was the cutest puppy there. He was adorable, tied up to a bench outside. The waitresses didn’t know whose he was, and mom said that if he had actually been abandoned, we could take him home with us on our way back. So naturally the puppy was gone when we left.

It took three and a half hours to get up there, and of course I forgot to bring my knitting. And then once we got there, there was construction and a lot of streets were blocked off so we had some trouble actually getting to the museum. But the museum was nice once we got there, and mom and D seemed to like the exhibit. Their other exhibits, the one modern art one that they had, was AWFUL. The work was terrible, not even art. Some of them were revolting.

Afterwards we wandered around, got some lunch, got some pie, and then went down to the old part of the city. We checked out the artist’s alley, with a lot of painters and photographers and jewelry makers. There was some really nice stuff. A bit further down, we found the actual galleries. There was one, and it had a painting in the window that was all golds. And it was a saxophone and a piano and a horn and music notes all mixed together and swirled. It was all abstract, and it was GORGEOUS. I can’t even begin to describe it accurately. We went inside and found three more of the same style by the same artist. One was in these blues that were just soo pretty we all wanted to buy it, and if any of us had $1500 we probably would have. Fantastic. Most beautiful thing I have seen in a really long time. I don’t like art, and usually I couldn’t care less about paintings. But these were soooooo gorgeous. Can’t even remember the artist’s name.

EDIT: FOUND IT!!! Go here to see all of the artist’s works. His name is Shaul Kosman, and the gallery is Le Bourget. A fantastic gallery, with lots of other lovely works. Here is one of Kosman’s that I have to post, the photo really doesn’t do it justice at all.

We saw some other galleries, but nothing else was as good. There was a sculpture that cost $20,000. It was a real Dali.

After wandering around there for a bit we headed home. I dozed for most of the trip, which was good because I almost passed out at dinner I was so tired. When we finally got home I went to bed (after feeding the cat, of course. She was not happy since I had forgotten to give her extra food for the day!!)

Today, I went to a family picnic with my grandfather. It was nice, but it wasn’t family that I knew. So it was kinda awkward. I didn’t get home until dinnertime, and I watched a movie with my mom and D while we ate. So now it’s after 9pm, and I still have not written anything for my story. In the past three days. Oops. Needless to say, I’m a bit behind. I should probably go get on that.

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  1. What family?

    • Grandpa’s brothers and their kids. His youngest brother was in town, and then Uncle S was also there.

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