I miss Myriad!!

A whole post devoted to you, Myriad, aren’t you excited?

Well, it’s not really just about you. See, I was starting to write my story again, after not having done it for a few days. One of my characters is named Ikina, and naturally Word didn’t recognize it as a correct spelling. But I found it really funny that one of the recommended spellings was IKEA.

And then I wanted to tell Myriad. And I realized that it would be so much more fun to write together if we were actually together in the same room. When we were working on Nanowrimo, we got so many funny quotes out of it, and we won’t get anything like that now. It’s really sad …

So I’ve decided. Clearly you must come visit me, Myriad. We can work on our writing together and knit and watch the BBC adaptations of Jane Austen and play with the cat. And then, if you want to stay long enough, you can drive out to Illinois with me in August. Best plan ever, right? Right?

We should talk, plan out the details. Give me a call to let me know when you’re coming! ❤

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  1. Last night I asked my mother for a word that meant awkward, but not quite awkward, like in a social situation when something’s going on between two people that they don’t want to discuss and a third person asks about it…and wanted to say, “I’m sure the Greeks had a word for that,” but she wouldn’t have gotten it 😦

    Do you know when you’re coming out in August? One of these days I need to attempt to plan the end of my summer (operating on the assumption that I will still be unemployed, because the job search is going SO well…). OR you could come out here early and live with me and Halley could live with Egg.

    • awkward but not quite awkward could be strained or just uncomfortable or … I’m positive the Greeks had a word for it.

      I’m going to be heading out right around August first. Mom says she’ll drive out in her car with me, so that I can put stuff in her car too, but I’ll be all alone in the car. Just me and the cat. FOR SEVENTEEN HOURS. Yay.

      And I’ve been meaning to ask you, does the comet have two L’s in its name? Because you always spell it Halley, but I always just assumed it was Haley. Also, saw a super cute cat at the pet store, and tried to convince mom to adopt it (didn’t work) but its name was Comet. Mom was just like “You want Haley AND Comet?”

      • I ended up going with uncomfortable, although it’s not quite perfect.

        If I’m still jobless, I will seriously consider getting to Albany (by train or plane) to keep you and the hysterical fuzzbucket company.

        The comet does have two Ls…but I’ve been spelling it Halley because I thought you told me there were two Ls…I suppose ask D? Halley and Comet would be too cute.

  2. Seriously if you were willing to ride with me to Illinois, I would love you forever. Well, I’ll do that anyway, but I’ll love you forever EVEN MORE.

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