Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

So I  have been learning that my cat is always purring. Anytime you pet her she’s purring, it’s just so quiet that you can’t hear it unless you put your head on her. So I’ve been studying this hypothesis, meaning I’ve been walking up randomly and using her as a pillow, which she seems to find rather strange. But she’s always purring! And then if you pet her a bit it gets louder until you can hear it while you’re sitting up. But just now, she was asleep, and I snuck up and put my ear to her, and sure enough, she was purring! Either she was purring because I had touched her, and her purrs start that quickly, or she purrs in her sleep. I’m not sure which, but either way, it’s adorable.

Words Yesterday: 1233/1000
Words Total: 10369/13000

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  1. Aww kitties! We just had T’s sister visiting for a few days — super fun! I swear, we only bother to do stuff when there’s people in town. We went to a circus thing with ENSMB, the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus concert of all Beatles songs, and an all-male British group performing Comedy of Errors.

    I think you need to visit next!

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