My uncle needs to get a life

So my Uncle was separated from his wife last year sometime. Since then, he really has nothing to do, so he shows up at my house almost every day. He used to stop in and chat, and you could never get rid of him. Or, he’d go to my grandparent’s house (next door) to do his laundry, and then hang out with us until it was done. He never hung out with his mom.

Then he bought a dirtbike and a small 4 wheeler for his two daughters. And since they had nowhere else to go, they would ride in circles around my house. He also had his own dirt bike, but his knee had been bothering him, so he went and traded it in for a 4 wheeler as well. And now HE is always riding in circles around my house.

The past few days, I have woken up to the sound of a 4 wheeler being driven past my window. It is really annoying. And then, once he’s done riding, he uses our hose to wash it. I can’t even imagine what our water bill is going to be, since he washed either a dirtbike or a 4 wheeler at least 4 times in the last week.

Shouldn’t there be trails or something he can ride that on? Does it have to be around my house? I mean, yes, I am sleeping in until noon, but I was still asleep! And would have liked to be able to sleep as long as I wanted, (or as long as the cat would let me) without the revving noises past my bedroom window.

I woke up this morning at 5:50 to the sound of a revving engine. I don’t know if it was a car going by on the road, or if he got up for an early morning ride, or what, but I almost stormed outside to kill him. If I find out that it was him, I just might still do that.

Words Yesterday: 1298/1000
Words Total: 11667/14000

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