So, ever since my kitty Sparky died, a couple months ago now, my other kitty (Lita) and my dog (Roby) have been moping. Like, seriously dejected, grieving animals. It’s rather pathetic how NEEDY Lita is now, actually. She will follow you around the house and beg to be picked up. She puts her front paws on your legs and stands up on her hind feet like a toddler who puts up their arms when they want you to pick them up. And now that my cat Haley is home from school, Lita is kinda happier, even though she hated Haley. Lita keeps trying to go in my room, like, “Can we be friends now?” To which Haley promptly replies, “GTFO.”

Roby also misses Sparky. Sparky used to play with him, chasing the dog around the house and swatting at him. And sometimes Roby would chase the cat. It was clear that Sparky wasn’t playing with the dog because he wanted to be friends, he was really just trying to be obnoxious. Sparky was a bully, but the dog seemed to enjoy it, so whatever. Lita will not play with Roby, so now he’s just bored. (He doesn’t fetch and he doesn’t really play tug-of-war much, so it’s not like he can play with me, either.)

So we’ve decided to get a kitten. I saw one in the pet store on Thursday, but they wouldn’t let me adopt because I live with my mom. Since I’m 22, I think that’s bullshit, but whatever. Naturally that kitten was already adopted when we went back today. So we found a home that has free kittens, and we’re going to look at the last one that they have today. It’s a girl, which is too bad because we really wanted a boy, but I feel like we can’t exactly go and look at it and then say no.

So sometime today we may have a new kitten!! Hopefully it’ll play with Roby, and hopefully it won’t mind Lita too much, and Lita won’t mind the kitten too much. I’m not as worried about Haley, since she won’t be here much longer anyway.

I will post pictures if we get it!

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