Meet Maya!

So as I mentioned yesterday, we went to go look at this woman’s kittens. Apparently their momcat was a stray, and she left the litter in this family’s woodpile. The poor kittens all got eye infections and everything, so the family took them all in to the vets, lay an entertainment center on the floor with all the shelves removed as a sort of kitten barrier to keep them in one place, and then took care of them for a couple months until they could be adopted.

By the time we called, there was only one left, so we took her home. We named her Maya.

She was born around April 8, so she’s only a couple months old. She’s mostly white, with a couple brown and grey spots near her tail, and by her head. She’s got the “M” that tabbys get, as well as the eyeliner, but her markings are grey on one side of her face, and brown on the other.

This is her model photo.

She apparently likes Coca-Cola (mine!! get away!!)

She mews a lot. We put her in a cage at night, and she cried whenever she heard someone moving in the house. She also mews constantly while she’s playing around the house, so I don’t know what her problem is. It’s really squeeky. A friend of mine said that some kittens will mew constantly until they’re a bit older. Let’s hope so.

Lita took one look at her and hissed. So now they hiss at each other. Roby got all excited until she swatted him on the nose. Later she did it again, so now Roby is afraid of her. Might I point out that Roby is a german shepard/husky? And this kitten is about the size of his squeeky toys? Haley didn’t notice her until this morning, but then when she was exploring she ended up in my room. Haley growled at her a bit, and I ended up taking Maya away and shutting the door so she left Haley alone. (She really wanted to go in Haley’s litter box)

Right now she’s running around the house like crazy, playing with everything that she can find. You won’t believe how many things under my mom’s bed can be batted around. She also likes to play with the laser pointer.

And, she’s a shoulder cat! By which I mean she will crawl up and sit on my shoulder and let me carry her around like that. I’ve always wanted a shoulder cat!

Writing progress:
Yesterday words: 1159/1000
Yesterday total: 18518/19000

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  1. Cutie kitty! And I can believe how many things under mom’s bed can be batted… 😛

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