Super 8

So, I saw super 8 last night. And it was … interesting. I think I liked it. But then the ending was stupid, which kinda ruined the whole thing.

I had a couple issues with the alien though. (You should know by know that there’s an alien in it, so hopefully that’s not a spoiler) First of all, it looked like a cross between the demon from Constantine and something that Guillermo del Toro made up. References: from Constantine and from Hellboy.

Also, it wrapped people up and hung them from the ceiling, like the spidery creature thing in Stephen King’s IT.

Then, the movie itself was mostly quiet, but there were a couple scenes that were SO FREAKING LOUD that you just wanted to leave the theater so your ears would stop hurting.

I saw the movie with my friend, and I’m fairly certain we were those assholes who talked through the whole thing. I tried to keep my voice down. Didn’t always work. 😀

(That smiley reminds me: I really hate it when people make their smileys face the other way. A smile is : ) it is NOT (: because that is just wrong. Smileys should face to the right. As in turned couterclockwise, not the other way around.)

So… I think I would reccommend Super 8, but it also would be totally fine to wait until it’s in a redbox somewhere.

Movies I want to see: Cowboys and Aliens, Harry Potter, possibly Captain America
Movies I’m going to see and no one is going to stop me: Transformers 3 (June 29th!!! OMG it’s in like a week!!!)

Writing: currently at 18794, didn’t get 1000 words yesterday and I’m too lazy to do the math.

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  1. I know people who make it face (: because they hate programs that automagically turn it into a picture instead of leaving it as a text smiley. I personally hate how, no matter what smiley you use, it comes out the same on wordpress.

    : P 😛 : ) 🙂 ; ) 😉

  2. wtf — the winky one is different, but the other two are just smiling gah

    • no, see the first one is red cause it’s sticking out its tongue. And then : D is smiling even bigger: 😀

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