You know, I really kinda enjoy watching shows like Say Yes to the Dress, which is absolutely ridiculous, because the dresses are just so pretty! And hideously overpriced in that show …

Anyway, wedding gowns are pretty. And, if you make sure to look at the sales, you can find some really pretty ones that are decently priced.

For example:

this one
and this one
this one, too
this one
and I love this one

These gowns are all really pretty and under $300.

Even if you want to have an informal wedding, I still think that a gown is what sets a wedding reception apart from a party. It doesn’t matter if you have a cake or a pile of cookies, (cupcakes are still out) and it doesn’t matter if your guy is wearing a tux or a plain suit (but tuxes are so nice…) but I think that you really should be wearing a wedding gown. Even if it’s a plain and simple one, you need the dress.

Myriad, do you remember when we watched that show four weddings? The one that our RA from sophomore year was in (and looking gorgeous, might I add)? Well, one of the girls there had a super informal wedding (at a castle). Guys were walking around in hiwaiian shirts and girls were in sundresses and flip-flops, but she still wore the wedding gown. And I really think that it was nice for the bride to be in a gown.

So, Dea, if you haven’t figured it out yet, let me spell it for you: You should wear a wedding gown. Even if it’s a simple plain white sheath dress or something, you need the gown. And I think mom would help you buy it if it’s a matter of finances.

I completely understand why you would think it’s an unnecessary expense. After all, it is a dress that you will only wear once. But Salvation Army sells wedding dresses for like $50 sometimes. You might be able to find one that fits you! (I had the best of luck buying prom dresses at Salvo. I got a couple dresses for like $12 for the middle school/high school dances.)

Anyway, wear a dress. 😀

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  1. http://apracticalwedding.com/

    ok that’s who i’ve been reading and loving. one of the things that i like about it is that even though they’re all about saving money and being realistic/true to yourself, they’re not all OMG YOU HAVE TO DIY EVERYTHING (the implication that if you can’t wield a glue gun there’s something wrong with you). which some people are like. super obnoxious.

    i want something that i can wear more than once (the odds of my wearing a white dress again are slim, but ya never know), that i make, and that is not formal. we’re going to eat BBQ, and hang out at the reception — it’s going to be alcohol-free and traditional-wedding-free. its just going to be a party.

    we’re not having a wedding party, we’re not having photographers, we ARE having the food catered from three blocks away, flowers will probably just be a couple of vases-worth bought at trader joe’s, and depending on the size of the party (jury’s still out) we may or may not have a band. if it’s a super small, immediate family thing, we’ll probably just have it at our apartment (which i think would be nice). at the same time, i would like to have a little more than 16 people (the next bracket is 40 people which is including parents’ siblings and first cousins in addition to immediate family), but that requires renting a hall or reception space (which is expensive and not-fun in the city). that probably means VFW or Masonic Temple (not sure if we could swing a discount knowing the master of a masonic lodge…)

    that and going from under 20 to around 40 people doubles our food costs. also, having only 16 people coming into town means we could probably find space for them to sleep (with us and with friends).

    we’re already doing a separate friends/young folk party in which i’ll probably wear a hat with a veil. maybe.

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