So my cat licks her belly all the time. She licks it to the point that she licks all of the fur off of her stomach. So today we bought this spray stuff that is supposed to taste bad, and you spray it on whatever the animal is chewing/licking, and they’ll stop chewing/licking it.

The stuff tastes vile, let me tell you. Somehow, I managed to get it on my hands when I sprayed her belly. And since then, if I touch my mouth (which I seem to do a lot more than I would have expected) I get that vile bitter taste. It’s awful. If I was a cat, I’d stop licking myself. This stuff tastes almost as bad as my malaria medicine did, only the taste of the spray goes away, while you could taste the malarias all day.

So yesterday, I got bored, and wrote up that lovely post, and then I didn’t actually write anything. So I figured that I would make up for it today. Then I went to the vets office, only to find it closed, had to entertain my cousins for a bit (oh, goody), went to a graduation party for a kid I don’t know, went shopping for a bit and bought the icky tasting spray, and went home to find that we had been invited to my grandparent’s house for pie. Which took an hour and a half because my mom and my grandpa kept talking about our failing public education system. So we made it home a little after 8, fixed dinner, and then put in Saving Private Ryan. I reached for my computer to start typing, and my mom freaked out on me, and was all like “Why can’t you just watch the movie?!” Then she told me that I could continue hunting mice, but that was it.

So I didn’t get any writing done today. Or yesterday. And I probably won’t get much if any done tonight before bed. I’m really not doing very well on this. I’ll have to try harder tomorrow.

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