I need 30 hour days

So I was working on my Project for several hours every day. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, I did really well, and I got a lot done. Well, not a lot, but a lot considering how badly Step 1 makes my hand hurt.

See, the thing is that my current project has 6 main parts, and 2 minor parts that I may decide not to do once the first 6 are done. And then each part has two steps. Step 1 is tedious and annoying and really really hurts. (I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I have tendonitis, but I do, so it’s not just inherently painful, cause that makes it sound like I’m getting a tattoo or something. I’m not.) Step 2 takes longer, is equally tedious, but doesn’t hurt, which is good. Step 2 involves a lot of painting, with several different colors.

So I’ve finished Step 1 on three sections (Sections 1, 2, and 6, actually). And then I finished Step 2 on two of them. I was so excited, and I was looking at it last night when I realized that I messed it up. I painted one section the wrong color, so now I need to go back and fix it. And naturally it’s a section that requires some paint that I don’t currently own, because I bought a couple different shades but didn’t like the color. Naturally the paint dries a completely different color than it looks in the bottle. It sucks.

So, I need to find some way to get rid of the paint on that bit that I messed up. Mom says that the paint isn’t actually waterproof, so I may just have to wash it off carefully so that I don’t wash off the part that’s fine.

Side note: My kitten has finally figured out how to get up to the bird cage. She finds him VERY interesting. I’m just waiting for the bird to bite her little toes. Any minute now …

So, back to the project. Once I get rid of the wrong paint, I need to find the right paint, which may involve mixing two paints together, and therefore I’ll have to do everything that color at once, which is on three different sections. I also need to buy some paint for another section, as well.

Then, I need to do Step 1 on sections 3, 4, and 5. Yay. Every Step 1 takes about the length of one movie. And it’s boring, so I do it while watching a movie. I have seen so many movies lately …

And then I need to finish Step 2 on section 6, and do all the other sections.

It’s a lot of work. Meanwhile, my mom calls me every night and wants to know how its going AND expects me to be cleaning the house. Pick a project! Has she seen our house?!? (I spent over 3 hours cleaning the kitchen the other day. The living room is next.)

And I’d really like to take a day off. I haven’t done any step 1 in like two days now, and my hand is still swollen. But I’d like to get as much done as possible before my mom comes home from her conference on Friday. Oh wait, that’s tomorrow, nevermind …

So I really just need like 30 hour days. Or I need to not sleep until noon every day. But I get so tired!!! 😦

Then next week I’ll be out at camp, where I won’t be able to get much internet, so I will have plenty of time to work on my story. Maybe I’ll even finish it. And then maybe I’ll tell you what it is about. Maybe.

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