So I was being productive today, and I was sorting through all my stuff in the basement: what needs to go with me, what doesn’t need to go with me, and what I might bring if there’s room in the car (as if).

I have one of those plastic shelving units that you get from Walmart, the one that all college students buy as soon as they move into their dorm. I had been storing some stuff in it, and completely forgot what it was, so it was an exciting adventure.

What’s in drawer number 1? Oh, my ski coat. Well, I don’t think I’ll be needing that. Hmmm … I wonder where my pea coat is? I’ll have to find that …

Drawer number 2? Oh, a duffel bag. And there’s my down vests! I was wondering where they were!

Drawer number 3? OH. MY. GOD.

It seems that the basement was too damp for my snow boots, as they are COVERED IN MOLD.

I figured that at this point I couldn’t ruin them any more than they were, so I would just wash them off with the hose and let them dry in the sun. Well, in the time between when I went into the basement and when I came out of the basement, the sun went away, and it was now storming. So I was out there, washing off my boots in a thunderstorm. Oh so safe, I’m sure.

And naturally the boots are waterproof, so I have to wash the outside and the inside, and god only knows how long it will take to dry. I shoved them in the dryer on low heat for a bit, but I’m afraid of melting the soles …

I really really hope this works, cause I really really like these boots!!! And they were last season’s model, so I’ll never be able to find them again, and even if I did, I don’t want to drop another $60 on boots … sigh. Cross my fingers!!!

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Whooo fair rides!!

I haven’t updated in a while, but I haven’t done anything in a while either, so I really have nothing to write about.

Today I went to the county fair. I haven’t gone in a couple years, but I used to always go with my best friend from high school. She’s working this summer at her college, so she hasn’t been around that much, but we made sure that we would be able to go to the county fair together. I checked the weather and saw that today would be 15 degrees cooler than every other day, so today it was.

We have a tradition of going to the fair, and we always do the same exact things. We go, get the hand stamps that let you go on every ride as much as you want, and then we ride the rides until I feel like I’m going to puke. Once I’m done with that, we go look at the horses and cows and chickens and bunnies and goats and any other animals they might have. The petting zoo usually has a zebra, too. We look at the animals until my friend’s allergies act up and she can’t breathe anymore. Then we get some food and look at all the pavillions of arts and crafts and stuff, as well as the vendors. Then we go home. There’s also usually some point in the middle where we waste more money than we should on one particular game. This year it was the quarters game. One year, we played the duck game about 50 times until we won a giant Scooby Doo in a raincoat. The best part about that was carrying it around the fair and telling everyone who asked where we won it, because usually you win a stuffed animal that’s about 2 inches high.

Afterwards, we went back to her house, and I got to meet her mother’s new fiancee, which was very exciting, because she’s basically my second mother.

And then we scrounged up old photos of me and my friend. There were surprisingly few of them, considering that we were inseparable since day 1 of sixth grade (although we did hate each other the first time we were introduced, that previous summer).

Finally I came back home, only to find my mother watching Avatar. I refuse to watch that movie because it never looked interesting to begin with and it still looks fake to me, no matter how much people rave about the awesome CG, so now I’ve kinda relegated myself to my bedroom, and my laptop is about to die.

I’m really tempted to just take a nap. Maybe I’ll play Mahjongg instead.

EDIT: How long is that movie, anyway? It’s been going on forever!

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Not much time left!

So my mom was telling me that I need to finish my project before I leave for grad school. And I was like yeah, yeah, but then I realized that I’ve only got two weeks left!!

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy and/or away from home. I was out at camp for a week, where I did basically nothing. I did not finish my story like I had wanted to, because I was hanging out with my cousin and her friend, which is infinitely more entertaining. I didn’t even touch my knitting, which I was kinda expecting.

Then I got home last Sunday, my sister came in that night at about 11, and we had a birthday party for my grandmother the next day. Tuesday was spent shopping, and we were going to leave for Boston, but decided not to when we learned that it was about 100 degrees there. So we went to Boston on Wednesday, right as the heat broke (thank god) and stayed there until Saturday morning. That was fun. We stayed with my sister and her fiancee, and we saw an amateur burlesque competition, a surprisingly good bluegrass band, and played a lot of Innovation, this new game that is super fun. (well, it’s new to me, I don’t know how new it is)

On Saturday we left Boston first thing in the morning. We stopped at the outlet malls on the wall home, and bought some super delicious banana flavored popcorn. Sounds weird, right? It’s sooo good.

Then we tried to see Harry Potter. It was sold out, naturally, so we bought tickets for Sunday afternoon and then went back home. And I fell asleep for basically the rest of the day, waking up at about 10pm and reading until 3:30 in the morning. Not my best plan.

Sunday we saw Harry Potter. That movie was fantastic. I can’t even really begin to talk about it without mentioning specifics, so I’m not gonna. I almost cried at one point. Alan Rickman is a fantastic actor. Also, Neville was super badass, which was great!

It feels so weird to know that Harry Potter is over. I mean, I did grow up with these books and movies, and they also grew up with me. I feel bad for the new generation of children that will be catapulted into the 7th book/movie before they are ready for it, simply because they are available. Younger kids won’t understand them as well.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment, and then my mother wanted to get her nails done at Walmart, which means I got to wander around the store for over an hour. My favorite. I did, however, find some awesome steampunk costume patterns by Simplicity, which my mom bought. Then we went home, watched a couple movies, and I resumed working on the project, after about two weeks. I still have a lot to do. I’m probably about halfway done.

It’s getting closer to the time when I need to leave … and go on my epic cross-country road trip of DOOM as Myriad calls it (she’s joining me for the DOOM so I guess she’s allowed to call it that). And I still have so much to do!

I have to do laundry (well that’s not just for the DOOM, but in general, I have a whole basket of clean laundry that needs to be sorted and put away). I have to go through all my stuff and figure out what’s coming with me. I have to figure out what I’m doing with tuition/student loans/etc, which is due on August 10th. I have to set up the utilities in the house that I’m moving into. I need to clean my room, which may be easier if I pack up the stuff moving out with me and put it in the car. And I need to load my car, making sure that there’s room for me, Myriad, and my cat, who will likely have to stay IN her carrier this time (I think if we put a blanket over the door she should go to sleep, right? RIGHT?) And in the meantime, I need to finish my project, because it’s not something that can come with me. (The project is literally going to be a part of my bedroom. And steampunk.)

I soo don’t want to do any of this. Can’t I just apparate me and all of my crap to my new place in August? Do I really have to drive there? Can I apparate a car, too?

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So much to do, so much time, so little enthusiasm

So last Saturday I came out to our camp. It’s a small house on a lake, and we’ve got a boat and a jetski. I came out for the fourth of July, and we set off almost $200 of fireworks, which was awesome! This coming Saturday is my cousin C’s birthday, and she had told me that she was going to have a party out at camp, so I planned on staying the whole week, instead of going home and then going back to camp the next weekend. Since I knew that I would be alone at camp during the week, I brought a couple of books, my knitting, and my laptop, thinking that I would get a lot done on my story.

Well, that didn’t happen.

I came out on Saturday. My friend was out Sunday and Monday, and we hung out and went on a boat ride and I got super burned. My back actually started peeling today, and most of my nose peeled yesterday, which is good because it means that I’m less of a raccoon than I was. On Tuesday, we took our jetski out and went to visit some cousins on another lake. That was fun, even if I really didn’t know most of the people there. I just assumed that everyone was a cousin of some kind and left it at that.

While we were there, my younger cousin, A and her friend B asked me if they could stay out at camp with me during the week. I said sure, and it didn’t really take too long to convince my aunt to let them stay. And thank god, because I would probably be dead from boredom by now. They were out Wednesday and Thursday. We hung out, played with boondoggle, dragged out the old barbies (we had to wash them cause they were musty from being in the camper), and tanned. Thursday we went on a boat ride for a bit, stopped and went swimming, etc. We had a fire on Wednesday night, too, and told crappy ghost stories from this old book that we had. But we had a really good time.

Meanwhile, my cousin C decided that she’s not coming to camp for her birthday. So I stayed up here for nothing. Thanks.

Yesterday I started reading my books while I was tanning. The first one was by Sabrina Jeffries, and it was really good. She’s my favorite romance novel author (other than Barbara, of course!). The second one, however, sucked. I only got it because the main guy had the same last name as me, and it was in the title of the book. But the plot was awful, the writing was pretty bad, and the characters were really weirdly bipolar. For example, the guy would be angry and leave his new wife alone for days without any word, then suddenly show up and be like “hello, my love,” and then kiss and be happy for a couple days until he left her again. Like, what? It was bad.

So A and B left early this morning, and I was by myself today. I slept until 1. Then I got up, ate some lunch, went for a jetski ride, and then sat down to work on my story. So far I’ve written about 700 words. And played about 10 games of Mahjongg. I’m getting very good at that game. (I’m at an in-between scene again, can you tell?)

Some of my dad’s friends are coming out tonight (actually they just got here) so I’ll have to be sociable again. Thankfully they all play pitch.

Oooh, I almost forgot: on Tuesday we went to the outlet mall, and I got a new bathing suit! It’s a halter top, but one of the ones that covers your stomach, too. And the bottom is a skirt one. They don’t really match, but they’re all blues, so it looks ok together. But then I was mix-and-matching, and the new top matches my old bottom PERFECTLY. Like, I couldn’t have planned that it matches so well. It’s awesome!

Anyway, I gotta go before my dad yells at me for not saying hi to our guests. 😛

(My dad has a droid phone, which has a mobile 3G hotspot, which is how I’m posting this. It’s like my new favorite thing.)

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