So much to do, so much time, so little enthusiasm

So last Saturday I came out to our camp. It’s a small house on a lake, and we’ve got a boat and a jetski. I came out for the fourth of July, and we set off almost $200 of fireworks, which was awesome! This coming Saturday is my cousin C’s birthday, and she had told me that she was going to have a party out at camp, so I planned on staying the whole week, instead of going home and then going back to camp the next weekend. Since I knew that I would be alone at camp during the week, I brought a couple of books, my knitting, and my laptop, thinking that I would get a lot done on my story.

Well, that didn’t happen.

I came out on Saturday. My friend was out Sunday and Monday, and we hung out and went on a boat ride and I got super burned. My back actually started peeling today, and most of my nose peeled yesterday, which is good because it means that I’m less of a raccoon than I was. On Tuesday, we took our jetski out and went to visit some cousins on another lake. That was fun, even if I really didn’t know most of the people there. I just assumed that everyone was a cousin of some kind and left it at that.

While we were there, my younger cousin, A and her friend B asked me if they could stay out at camp with me during the week. I said sure, and it didn’t really take too long to convince my aunt to let them stay. And thank god, because I would probably be dead from boredom by now. They were out Wednesday and Thursday. We hung out, played with boondoggle, dragged out the old barbies (we had to wash them cause they were musty from being in the camper), and tanned. Thursday we went on a boat ride for a bit, stopped and went swimming, etc. We had a fire on Wednesday night, too, and told crappy ghost stories from this old book that we had. But we had a really good time.

Meanwhile, my cousin C decided that she’s not coming to camp for her birthday. So I stayed up here for nothing. Thanks.

Yesterday I started reading my books while I was tanning. The first one was by Sabrina Jeffries, and it was really good. She’s my favorite romance novel author (other than Barbara, of course!). The second one, however, sucked. I only got it because the main guy had the same last name as me, and it was in the title of the book. But the plot was awful, the writing was pretty bad, and the characters were really weirdly bipolar. For example, the guy would be angry and leave his new wife alone for days without any word, then suddenly show up and be like “hello, my love,” and then kiss and be happy for a couple days until he left her again. Like, what? It was bad.

So A and B left early this morning, and I was by myself today. I slept until 1. Then I got up, ate some lunch, went for a jetski ride, and then sat down to work on my story. So far I’ve written about 700 words. And played about 10 games of Mahjongg. I’m getting very good at that game. (I’m at an in-between scene again, can you tell?)

Some of my dad’s friends are coming out tonight (actually they just got here) so I’ll have to be sociable again. Thankfully they all play pitch.

Oooh, I almost forgot: on Tuesday we went to the outlet mall, and I got a new bathing suit! It’s a halter top, but one of the ones that covers your stomach, too. And the bottom is a skirt one. They don’t really match, but they’re all blues, so it looks ok together. But then I was mix-and-matching, and the new top matches my old bottom PERFECTLY. Like, I couldn’t have planned that it matches so well. It’s awesome!

Anyway, I gotta go before my dad yells at me for not saying hi to our guests. 😛

(My dad has a droid phone, which has a mobile 3G hotspot, which is how I’m posting this. It’s like my new favorite thing.)

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  1. Man I’m so jealous that you went out to Keuka and saw all those cousins — we haven’t seen any of them since Carlisle’s birthday party years and years ago and I’d like to know them better. That and I have no idea who’s even still alive, I think there’s maybe one uncle from that generation left…

    Congrats on the bathing suit match up!

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