Not much time left!

So my mom was telling me that I need to finish my project before I leave for grad school. And I was like yeah, yeah, but then I realized that I’ve only got two weeks left!!

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy and/or away from home. I was out at camp for a week, where I did basically nothing. I did not finish my story like I had wanted to, because I was hanging out with my cousin and her friend, which is infinitely more entertaining. I didn’t even touch my knitting, which I was kinda expecting.

Then I got home last Sunday, my sister came in that night at about 11, and we had a birthday party for my grandmother the next day. Tuesday was spent shopping, and we were going to leave for Boston, but decided not to when we learned that it was about 100 degrees there. So we went to Boston on Wednesday, right as the heat broke (thank god) and stayed there until Saturday morning. That was fun. We stayed with my sister and her fiancee, and we saw an amateur burlesque competition, a surprisingly good bluegrass band, and played a lot of Innovation, this new game that is super fun. (well, it’s new to me, I don’t know how new it is)

On Saturday we left Boston first thing in the morning. We stopped at the outlet malls on the wall home, and bought some super delicious banana flavored popcorn. Sounds weird, right? It’s sooo good.

Then we tried to see Harry Potter. It was sold out, naturally, so we bought tickets for Sunday afternoon and then went back home. And I fell asleep for basically the rest of the day, waking up at about 10pm and reading until 3:30 in the morning. Not my best plan.

Sunday we saw Harry Potter. That movie was fantastic. I can’t even really begin to talk about it without mentioning specifics, so I’m not gonna. I almost cried at one point. Alan Rickman is a fantastic actor. Also, Neville was super badass, which was great!

It feels so weird to know that Harry Potter is over. I mean, I did grow up with these books and movies, and they also grew up with me. I feel bad for the new generation of children that will be catapulted into the 7th book/movie before they are ready for it, simply because they are available. Younger kids won’t understand them as well.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment, and then my mother wanted to get her nails done at Walmart, which means I got to wander around the store for over an hour. My favorite. I did, however, find some awesome steampunk costume patterns by Simplicity, which my mom bought. Then we went home, watched a couple movies, and I resumed working on the project, after about two weeks. I still have a lot to do. I’m probably about halfway done.

It’s getting closer to the time when I need to leave … and go on my epic cross-country road trip of DOOM as Myriad calls it (she’s joining me for the DOOM so I guess she’s allowed to call it that). And I still have so much to do!

I have to do laundry (well that’s not just for the DOOM, but in general, I have a whole basket of clean laundry that needs to be sorted and put away). I have to go through all my stuff and figure out what’s coming with me. I have to figure out what I’m doing with tuition/student loans/etc, which is due on August 10th. I have to set up the utilities in the house that I’m moving into. I need to clean my room, which may be easier if I pack up the stuff moving out with me and put it in the car. And I need to load my car, making sure that there’s room for me, Myriad, and my cat, who will likely have to stay IN her carrier this time (I think if we put a blanket over the door she should go to sleep, right? RIGHT?) And in the meantime, I need to finish my project, because it’s not something that can come with me. (The project is literally going to be a part of my bedroom. And steampunk.)

I soo don’t want to do any of this. Can’t I just apparate me and all of my crap to my new place in August? Do I really have to drive there? Can I apparate a car, too?

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