Whooo fair rides!!

I haven’t updated in a while, but I haven’t done anything in a while either, so I really have nothing to write about.

Today I went to the county fair. I haven’t gone in a couple years, but I used to always go with my best friend from high school. She’s working this summer at her college, so she hasn’t been around that much, but we made sure that we would be able to go to the county fair together. I checked the weather and saw that today would be 15 degrees cooler than every other day, so today it was.

We have a tradition of going to the fair, and we always do the same exact things. We go, get the hand stamps that let you go on every ride as much as you want, and then we ride the rides until I feel like I’m going to puke. Once I’m done with that, we go look at the horses and cows and chickens and bunnies and goats and any other animals they might have. The petting zoo usually has a zebra, too. We look at the animals until my friend’s allergies act up and she can’t breathe anymore. Then we get some food and look at all the pavillions of arts and crafts and stuff, as well as the vendors. Then we go home. There’s also usually some point in the middle where we waste more money than we should on one particular game. This year it was the quarters game. One year, we played the duck game about 50 times until we won a giant Scooby Doo in a raincoat. The best part about that was carrying it around the fair and telling everyone who asked where we won it, because usually you win a stuffed animal that’s about 2 inches high.

Afterwards, we went back to her house, and I got to meet her mother’s new fiancee, which was very exciting, because she’s basically my second mother.

And then we scrounged up old photos of me and my friend. There were surprisingly few of them, considering that we were inseparable since day 1 of sixth grade (although we did hate each other the first time we were introduced, that previous summer).

Finally I came back home, only to find my mother watching Avatar. I refuse to watch that movie because it never looked interesting to begin with and it still looks fake to me, no matter how much people rave about the awesome CG, so now I’ve kinda relegated myself to my bedroom, and my laptop is about to die.

I’m really tempted to just take a nap. Maybe I’ll play Mahjongg instead.

EDIT: How long is that movie, anyway? It’s been going on forever!

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  1. Mrs. D is remarrying? Fabulous! I hope this works out better for her.

    I haven’t bothered to watch that movie either. It looked dumb and overdone. James Cameron should have stopped at Titanic.

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