Epic Road Trip of Doom!

 So I had to move from NY to southern IL. At first, my mom was going to drive with me in her own car, so that I could bring even more crap with me. Then she was going to just ride with me in my car (by which I mean my dad’s car, since he never bothered to get a title and so we couldn’t switch it over to me yet), so that she could keep me company, and then she could drive some if I wanted. And then we found out that Myriad would be able to come with me, so my mom didn’t come at all.

The couple of days before we left were a mess. I needed to get my car registered, and then I needed to buy new tires, and then I needed to actually pack the car. I got a bunch of those vacuum seal bags, the ones that suck all of the air out and compress your stuff. I put all of my clothes in there, and then compressed them so they look ed like packages of beef jerky. One of them had this weird white stripe on the bag, and I had a red coat in it, so it looked like bacon. All of my clothes were shoved into my suitcase, which then was almost too heavy to actually lift, and then we crammed everything in the car. It took some maneuvering, but we did eventually manage to pack everything in the car while leaving almost the entire back window free so that I could actually see in my mirror.(At least, it was clear until the cat decided to sit up there on the second day of the trip and completely block my view.) Never doubt my tetris-packing skills.

(As a side note, now that I finally got internet again, I finally bought the score to the 3rd Transformers movie. Not as great as the 1st so far, but still really good.)

So we packed everything in the car the night before we left. Then on Wednesday morning, we got up, put our last two suitcases with our clothes for the trip and stuff in the car, shoved the cat in her carrier, put that in, and set off. I had to get gas, and since I used the discount from Price Chopper (every $50 you spend at the grocery store gives you $.10 off your gas at SUNOCO) I ended up buying gas for $1.60/gallon. AWESOME!! Then I had to go to the pharmacy and buy my overpriced over-the-counter medicine, and then we set off.

We stopped at Rochester and went to lunch with my friend S and her boyfriend. That was fun, but we may have spent a little too much time hanging out and chatting over lunch. We got back on the road eventually (and by this point the cat had resigned herself to her car, and so had stopped crying the whole time). Myriad knitted, I played the alphabet game a bajillion times, we eventually stopped at Wendy’s for dinner, and then we got a motel room, and smuggled the cat inside.

The next day was pretty similar. We got up, got some breakfast/caffeine at the gas station, and headed off. Our break in the day was going to be at Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky. It’s right by Beaverlick. Naturally, my GPS couldn’t actually find it, so we had to text my sister and get her to look up the zip code so that we could head in the right direction. The funniest thing was, once we got to Kentucky, it looked like Kentucky. It was all green rolling hills and giant horse farms. There were surprisingly few horses at the farms, but there were a lot of fences. We eventually found a restaurant where we could order food to go, and then we made our way over to the state park, which is apparently the birthplace of vertebrate paleontology. We ate lunch there (I had a “steak sandwich” that ended up being an enormous burger that was twice the size of the bun), and then went to the gift shop, where Myriad bought a tiny plush bison and I bought a tiny plush mastadon that was holding onto a lollipop. I really wanted to go see the bison herd, which apparently had a baby bison … but it was getting late, and we still had a long way to go, and the construction and traffic had been bad.

Eventually we made it to my new house! Yay! My landlord and one of my roommates were already there. Neither of them looked like I had expected them to, but both looked like archaeologists. We signed the leases, got our keys, and then moved in all the stuff from the car. My roommate had an extra air mattress that she let Myriad and me sleep on, which was super nice. We went to Walmart, bought some sheets and some dinner, and then went back to the house to eat. Naturally, the water had not been turned on in the house yet, so we couldn’t actually use the toilets or anything like that. I ended up going to the gas station just to use their bathroom before I went to bed. By the time we went to bed, it was already 12:30 (which was 1:30 Eastern Time), and so I had been up for forever, and driving for most of it. I went right to sleep.

Haley was super happy, because she had both of her people with her. I was on one side, Myriad was on the other, Haley was in the middle, happy as can be to finally be out of the car and the carrier. And then the next morning, I dropped Myraid off at the train at 7:30 in the morning. So now Haley was really freaking out. She’s in a strange place, full of strange smells, new people are coming and going, Myriad was gone, the kitten wasn’t around to annoy her, and there was no furniture. I kept moving around the house, and she would follow me, always wanting to be in the same room as me, and crying whenever I disappeared.

Eventually I got some new furniture from my other roommate’s boyfriend, including a bed and two desks for me, a table, chairs, and an entertainment center for my roommate. Once I had my furniture, I could set up my room more. I also got a dresser from Goodwill, so I could put all my clothes away. Haley plopped herself down on the bed and basically never moved again, unless I disappeared from the room for a while.

Every now and then she will wander out and check out the rest of the house. She really likes my roommate B’s room, and loves to hang out in her closets (giant caves!!), and apparently took a nap with B’s boyfriend for a while. But for the most part she sits with me in my room.

My room is almost completely set up, I just need to get a couple more things, and then put up some posters.

I really don’t have anything to do today, except maybe clean out the office. Tomorrow I’m going to campus and going to get a student ID card, register with my department, maybe meet my advisor, etc. Today I’m going to sit around and do nothing, I think, made much easier by the addition of the internet. Eventually I may do something useful, like practice my Spanish, or read a book or something. Maybe. Meanwhile, here are some lovely photos!

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  1. Tell Haley I’m sorry for abandoning her 😦 Quotage and amusing road trip photos will be up soonish.

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