Things That I Hate


 I hate cars. And not just in the “oh, I really don’t like having to drive for a long time at once,” but in the “I hate cars completely” kind of way. I don’t like driving. I don’t like riding. I don’t like being in cars for short distances, and I really don’t like being in cars for long distances. I find them boring, uncomfortable, and if I have to sit in the back I get carsick. And yet somehow I seemed to think that it would be a good idea to drive to Illinois. That’s only like … seventeen hours. Which, when you factor in driving around for an hour or so in order to find a place to stop for lunch, and then another half an hour trying to find the state park so that we can eat the lunch, really means that I was driving almost constantly for two days. And yet I survived. Somehow. Although the last half an hour almost killed me. My back decided to revolt and my neck and shoulders decided that they were tired of carrying my head and so they tried to give up as well, and then we ran into a 30mph zone and it took forfreakingever to get through the last couple of miles, but eventually we did make it. And then I had to run errands (in the car!) for the next two days. Now I’m going to avoid the car like the plague. Until I need to go to Walmart again.

 Over the counter medicines

 So, I am allergic to everything except guinea pigs and potatoes. And I’m pretty serious about that. I’m allergic to cats, dogs, birds, grass, weeds, deciduous trees, non-deciduous trees, molds, funguses, cockroaches, dust, yeast, milk, and wheat. Thankfully the yeast/milk/wheat allergies are just contact allergies, so technically if I eat some bread it should give me a stuffy nose. I haven’t actually noticed that, but the one time I made bread the yeast did make me start sneezing like crazy, so I believe that one.

When I got my allergy testing done, the nurse/doctor who was performing the test was surprised, like OHMYGOD surprised because of how much I reacted to all of the allergens. They do a little pinprick on your arm, right? And there’s a bunch of them. Well, the plain histamine pinprick went and took over the four neighboring ones it swelled up so much. So, clearly, I have some allergy problems.

 I’ve been taking a daily allergy medicine for a while now. I took something, I think it was Zyrtec, for a month, and that did nothing for my allergies. So then I switched to Allegra (generic brand of course) and that was much better. If I go on a cleaning rampage and start dusting and vacuuming, I need to either wear a face mask or die, and if I pet a lot of animals for a while that will set off my allergies, too, and then I have to take some Benadryl.

 So, naturally, Allegra is now an over-the-counter medicine. Which means that my insurance won’t cover it for me. Why should they? It’s over-the-counter!! So instead of paying $5 for a month supply of my meds, I now have to pay $15 for the generic brand (and almost twice as much if I wanted name-brand Allegra). Which sucks. I understand that if people don’t have insurance, and they needed allergy medicine, it would have been ridiculously expensive to get the Allegra. But there are other over-the-counter ones! So, I guess it’s good for all the other people without insurance, but it really sucks for me, because now I have to pay three times as much for my medicine.

 Heat / Humidity

 Ok, so these numbers aren’t really in any order. But I don’t like the heat or humidity. Summer is not the best time for me. I tend to hide in my house in front of a fan for the whole time. I still find it rather amazing that I survived a month in Belize last year. But I left NY to come so Southern Illinois, and it is SO MUCH HOTTER here. And the humidity is awful. We’ve got the AC on in the house, so it’s ok, but as soon as you go outside, it’s like walking into a sauna. Last night, it was so humid outside that our windows were fogging up. It was disgusting. And naturally my room is the warmest room of the house. Seriously, I’ve checked all the other rooms, and it’s a significant difference in temperature. I’ve currently got my overhead fan on and another fan aimed right at me. It’s not so bad today, but Friday, when I was moving in all of my furniture and rearranging my room, it was awful.

 One way streets.

 Ok, I have never lived in a city. And the places that I have lived have not had many one-way streets, if they ever had any. So I really don’t have much experience with them. So NATURALLY almost all of the streets here are one-way. And of course, equally naturally I’ve turned the wrong way on a one-way street twice. The first time there was no one around, and I noticed quickly and turned into a parking lot to get myself turned around. The second time, I almost turned right into traffic. They were stopped at a red light and honked at me, just once as a “wrong way, silly” kinda thing, but I got super flustered and then ran a red light and it was bad. I thought my GPS said turn here, but really it said turn there and I couldn’t tell and from now on I’m going to avoid driving at night because it’s much easier to see the one-way signs in the daytime. At least until I know where the hell I’m going around here. I’m super afraid that I’m going to turn the wrong way into traffic and get myself killed or total the car or something.

No internet

I am always online. Constantly. Like, if I’m at home, and I’m awake, then my computer is on. And then I got here, and we didn’t have the internet set up. Once a day I went to the library to try and check my email. And once when I got there they were already closed, and I had to call my sister and ask her to check my email for me. I was sooo bored. But then, today, I suddenly found an unsecured wireless network!! Thanks so much unsuspecting neighbors!! I swear it’s only for another week, until I get my own internet set up.

 I’m really bad at ending blogs. I feel like they should have a conclusion, like I’m writing an essay for school or something, but I can never figure out how to conclude it. So, uh … the end. 😀

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  1. GPSs dont work well in cities, period. Youll get used to the one-ways, I promise.

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