More photos of my windows

So I asked my mom if she would take a picture of my windows, being as I am now in another state. So she sent me one, which I put in the last post, and it’s not great. Honestly, the colors show up better at night, when they’re lit from inside, instead of backlit. So I ask her to take photos of them at night and she does, but she clearly does not have the light on in the room. So the pictures aren’t great. Next time I go home I will take much nicer photos, but these will have to do for now.

And also all the tubes of paint that we bought …

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  1. you left your octupus home? sad face also that’s a ton of paints — did you wind up going through all of it, or is there leftover?

    • Yeah, I meant to bring the octopus, and then I hung him on the bed to get him out of the way for a minute and forgot to take him back down. And yes, there’s a lot of left overs, and some of those paints are mom’s, but I went through 3 full bottles of gold (maybe 4) and like 5 or 6 bottles of the copper. Together with mom we finished off one of the large bottles of the clear. But the red came in the large bottle and I came nowhere near finishing that.

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