Productivity is on the Rise

Yes, I’ve been super productive lately, but I still haven’t gotten any homework done. How is that possible, you ask? Well …

Yay, I’ve been making dioramas! The photo is a little fuzzy, and it does look better in person. I still need to add some color to those rocks and then add another layer of water so that the river is a bit deeper. But then this one is just about done!

I’ve also been working on another one, and I’ve gotten plaster cloth and plaster for making rocks. So far they are … less than impressive. Hopefully they will look better when I paint them and add some other stuff to the scene.

I think those are rocks ...

Basically, what I’ve really been doing is making a mess of my room. And I’ve been doing a very good job of it. All the plaster is cleaned up now, but for a while I had plaster dust everywhere.

If you were wondering, the laptop is there because I was watching North and South, the British miniseries, not the one about the Civil War. It was super good (and free streaming with Amazon Prime!). Update: apparently there was a previous version, starring Patrick Stewart. And finally, one more photo:

The cat, sleeping on my totally awesome How to Train Your Dragon sheets (with one of the HtTYD pillowcases and one chococat because they were hideous), and with one foot on my pillow. Because that makes sense. Oh and those are my pajamas in the foreground.

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  1. Uh, nice job? I hope your rocks turn out a little better when they’re painted. They look very un-rock-like while white blobs. I can’t believe that crazy cat…

    Oh man, so I had to go “rescue” a friend’s cat the other day. A friend who was staying with them (and is deathly afraid of animals) let the cat out of the apartment. So I had to go over, pick him up off of the landing, and carry him back into the apartment. It made me laugh.

  2. it’s in polish, so let the browser translate it (chrome does it automagically) but they’re ornaments made with leftover royal icing from making gingerbread!

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