Kitty diet is working!

So Haley has been on a diet ever since I moved, and while she is NOT happy about it, it is clearly working! Over the summer she had been eating all the time (and I do mean all the time), and she had gained a lot of weight. Now, she’s losing it! Yay! Hopefully she will someday get down to be a skinny kitty again!

Chubbawubba over the summer...Not so chubbawubba now!

I only wish that I had a scale, and then I’d be able to see how much weight she actually lost!!

Not so chubbawubba now!

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  1. Haley, you’re cat-shaped! It’s amazing! I thought you would be a shapeless lump of flub forever, but look at you now!

    Ha ha, glad to see our baby doing well 🙂

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