Failure is Imminent

So I have an exam on Tuesday. And I am going to fail it. And this isn’t just me being all whiney and complaining and then getting an A on the exam. No. I am seriously going to fail this thing.

I pay attention in class. Well, as best as I can. I do try, seriously, I do. I take notes. They may not be the best notes, but I can’t help it if he talks so fast that I forget part of the sentence I’m trying to write down because I’m trying to pay attention to the next sentence. I am trying as hard as I can to pay attention in that class. I do the readings, I take notes. I don’t know what else to do.

As a side note, there is a cat sitting on my computer right now. Thankfully she’s not on the actual keys, but I can’t really see very well since she’s all up in my face like PET ME NOW. It’s so cute. She’s not even my cat.

Anyway, I’m trying to study for this exam. Our professor told us what the format would be like: we need to know all the different ideas and theories, who came up with them, what book or article they appear in, and what year that book or article came out. And we’ve got like 50 readings on our reading list that he thinks we should know. We don’t haveĀ a theory list, so I’m trying to just read through my notes and find something that might be on the test. I’ve got at least 30, and I’m sure I’m missing some. I still need to go back through, actually figure out what all the terms mean so that I can define them on the exam, figure out who said what and when, and then just memorize it all. By Tuesday.

So far, I have learned two things from the readings for this class, one thing from a party that was apparently said in class and I missed it, and one thing from the actual class.

1. (reading) Franz Boas had scars on his face from a duel (he was sleeping with a married man’s wife), but he liked to say he was attacked by a polar bear.

2. (reading) Alfred Kroeber is Ursula K. LeGuinn’s father.

3. (party) My professor once had to fly back into the country on a drug plane with a suitcase full of cash.

4. (In class) My professor works in the Amazon.

Clearly, I am not going to do well on this exam. I have been studying for like 8 hours now, and I haven’t learned anything more. I am going to fail.

Oh yes, and I forgot: I also have to write two essays sometime this weekend as a part of the exam.

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