So I’m working on the background of a novel right now. I think I’ll probably try to work on this novel for Nanowrimo, but I don’t think I’ll actually get 50K this year, simply because of time constraints and the whole being in grad school thing. We’ll see.

At the moment, I’m working on worldbuilding. This is something that I have never actually focused on before. I always have an idea of the world in my head, but I’ve never actually  done a serious attempt at writing it all down and making histories for everyone and everything. This time, I’m going to do that. I want everyone to be believable.

First of all, I’m writing character bios for all of my characters. Well, at least the major ones. I want each character to have a history, because that will help me figure out how the characters will act and speak in certain situations (theorhetically). So far, I’ve written up the history for one of the characters. I may post these up on my blog eventually.

Also, if some characters have a backstory for how they met, I’m going to write up those scenes, even if they’re not in the novel.

And then I’m mapping out the world. So far I have a very very very basic idea of what the globe looks like, and I’m drawing a map of the main city. Like I said, serious worldbuilding here. When I’ve finished this map, I’m going to map out the continents (very basically) and figure out distances/travel times between places. At least this way I’ll have a standard.

And then I want to create basic histories for the different countries, so that I know how they interact, and what has happened in their past so that I know how the countries function and what their laws are like.

This is going to be crazy. And kinda fun. And drawing maps takes FOREVER.

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  2. …Show-off…

    Ha ha, wow. I am most impressed 🙂 Still have no idea what to do about NaNo…I’m really tempted to just try to continue last year’s novel (providing I can do a sufficient amount of re-work on what I have before Nov) and get another 50k. But that feels a little like cheating.

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