So you know those sweatshirts that look like they’re nice, tailored jackets, hut then you go up and check them out and they’re actually sweatshirt material? Well, i had always hated them. It seemed so useless to get a jacket that wasn’t actually a real jacket. Well then I bought one. And let me tell you, they are AWESOME.

The best thing about this jacket really is the fact that it’s lightweight sweatshirt material. I have mine at work, and then whenever I get cold, I can slip it on. It’s like putting on a sweatshirt, only I still look nice! And unlike blazers and jackets can be at times, the sweatshirtjacketthing is never constricting, and I can roll up my sleeves if I need to work on something. So it’s super comfy, still looks good, and it was cheaper than an actual blazer would have been.

I officially have a new second-favorite type of clothing. Vests still are rocking out at number 1.

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I need a time machine, STAT!

So, it’s getting to be that time of the year again: it’s almost november. And with november comes nanowrimo. The question is, am I going to write this year?

I’ve started planning out my story. In fact,  I started planning this story out in its most basic form last year. I had an idea, and I thought, that could make a cool story. And then this summer, as I was driving from NY to IL, I started talking it over with myriad just so that I wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel. We managed to plan out a little bit more, and then I called Dea and got her help a bit too.

Basically, I had this idea of a world, and characters who would have to go on a quest in that world, but I had no idea of what the quest would be. So I got some help on why they would go on this quest, and now my story is basically planned out.

I wanted to do some epic worldbuilding this year, to make sure that everything was perfect. In a way, I did. I started drawing a map of the city, and I have the basic city layout planned, even if I don’t have all of the streets drawn in yet. It’s a big city, give me a break. And then I remembered that they’re only in the city for a little bit at the beginning, and then they leave on their quest, so it didn’t make much sense to spend all that time drawing the map. Especially since I now have it planned out in my head.

I also wanted to write up character bios. I wrote up one, and a couple of the others are thoroughly planned in my head, I just never wrote them down.

And thats my biggest issue, really. I keep having this plans, but im just not writing them down. So in a way i have done all the worldbuilding, just because it is mostly planned in my head, but it’s not written down anywhere.

On a similar note, does anyone know what the layout of an airship would be? Like, a blueprint?

Then of course there is the other issue of school. I have so much work to do in the next couple of weeks. I have to write a 10 page paper by Tuesday, the 1st. I also have an exam then, too. The next week, I have to write another 10 page paper, at least a draft of it. The week after that i need to have a draft of my huge research paper that is just super frustrating and I have no idea what im doing with it. I also have exams coming up. So basically Im booked straight through.

On the other hand, if I didn’t waste so much time sitting around the house and browsing the interwebs, im sure i could be super productive. Maybe if I just write my 1700 words each day, and then stop and go back to working on school stuff … And then when i go to WI for thanksgiving, ive got like 10 hours in transit both ways that I can either type or work on school work or something.

I just wish November wouldnt sneak up on me like this.

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I’m sure no one will care about anything in this post.

I’m writing this post anyway because it’s something that has been bothering me, and I haven’t updated in like a month, so hey why not.

I have had trouble with my ears for a very long time now. I can hear fine, as far as I can tell, and I don’t have tinnitus or anything like that. But my ears always feel like they’re stuffed up, or like they need to pop, but they never do, it just doesn’t go away. It’s super annoying.

I trace my ear problems back to tenth grade when I went on an airplane and my ears didn’t pop for three days. Yeah.

Anyway, earlier this year, my ears decided to be super awesome and send me to the hospital with labrynthitis, which is basically just fluid in my ears making me too dizzy to exist. I had to lay flat on my back all day and if I moved or rolled on my side or sat up I had constant vertigo. I ended up in the emergency room (which was miserable) and poor Myriad forgot to bring a book so she had to just sit there and listen to my crazy ramblings. Eventually the doctors gave me some stupid meds that made it worse and sent me home.

Now, my ears have still been doing the stuffy feeling thing all along, but lately I’ve been feeling dizzy a lot more. A few weeks ago, when I was super dizzy one day and really afraid that I was getting labrynthitis again, I was super bad: I went to WebMD and looked up my symptoms.

Anyone who has ever been to WebMD knows that if you use their symptom checker, it will tell you that you are dying. Surprisingly, when I just put in dizzyness, I only got two possible diseases, neither of which was labrynthitis. The first one was motion sickness, which I knew that was not true, being as I was sitting at my desk all day. The other one was Meniere’s disease.

I don’t think I actually have Meniere’s disease. But, I figured that if I had similar symptoms, figuring out how to manage Meniere’s might help me get rid of my dizziness, right? Apparently, Meniere’s symptoms are made worse by bingeing on salt, and people can reduce their risk of episodes by eating low-salt diets. I read this online somewhere, thought about it for a minute, and realized that all I had eaten all day was soda, frozen egg rolls, and chex mix. A lot of chex mix.

Since then, I’ve been trying to keep track of my sodium, and hoping that the dizziness stays away. I have actually noticed that when I do feel slightly dizzy I had been eating a lot of salt. But I mean, come on! I’m a student! I’m busy, and I don’t always have time to make super healthy meals! I eat freezer dinners and canned soup (which low-sodium soup is not even edible in my opinion) and I drink enough soda each day to drown in. Chex mix is one of the best studying snacks, because you can just pick at it as you work.

So, I did think about going on a more low-sodium diet, but it’s not working too well. (I say this after having just eaten some freezer chinese dumplings with a soy-sauce-like dipping sauce.) And I try to drink more water, but that’s not going to well either.

On the other hand, at the moment it’s not too bad. If I find myself in the hospital again cause I’m too dizzy to breathe, then I might have to seriously reconsider my food choices.

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