Day … uh … what’s the date? 10. Day 10.

Wordle: nano again

Check it out! The word “back” isn’t the second largest word, anymore! I’ve been trying to use it less. So if you had to guess what my novel was about, based on this word cloud, what would you think?

I went to a write in on Tuesday. And I was kinda disappointed. I feel like most of the people there were super immature, and the rest were writing their novels out by hand. It was … interesting. I did get a ton a words written, though, which was good because yesterday I didn’t even write 500 words, but I’m still on track.

Ugh, I have so much work to do. I need to write a 10 page paper for my linguistics class, analyze a five minute conversation, including noting pauses to the 10th of a second, and write a paper for another class, that really has no page limit, it’s just write it until I’m done writing. Not looking forward to it. And in the meantime, I need to keep writing for nano. I guess I should stop watching so much tv then. Well, I’ll run out of Firefly episodes soon.

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