Random Post Suggestions

So every time you post a new post on WordPress, it gives you suggestions for a new post. And their topics are usually pretty lame. I’ve been saving up!

Well, I was a classics major, so Ancient Rome, obviously.

This reminds me of Project Runway. And reminds me how I don’t know how to sew. So, it would probably be called something like “I hot glued some felt together, please wear it.”

Depends … how far future? Far far far future? Sure, why not? My future, like when I’ll die? No.

… uh … I dunno.

Surprised to like? No, not really. I love most genres. Except westerns. But romances, fantasy, some sci-fi, horror, war, thrillers, action/suspense … none of that is really surprising.

I sprained my thumb and now I have tendonitis.

Ok, this one really could be its own post. Or several posts. Because I love movies, and I can make a pretty big list.

Ooh, I got this twice!

I probably should have taken some anthro in undergrad.

Mayan would be nice.

Well, extremely cold weather you can put on more layers, so in that way hot is better, but I really don’t do well in the super cold weather, either. I like about 70-80 degrees …

Black. That’s what I wear everyday, anyway. Or maroon, I’ve got enough of that, so long as I can wear jeans on the bottom. If I had to wear SOLID maroon? Definately not. I’d go with the black.

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