ABCs of me

I stole this from my sister. Should be fun.

Age: 22

Bed size: Queen.

Chore I hate: All of them.

Dogs: I have a dog that lives with my mom, but none with me.

Essential start to my day: Shower, get dressed, put makeup on, dry my hair.

Favorite color: Blue

Gold or silver: Silver.

Height: 5’6.5″ I say ‘and a half’ because my sister says she’s 5’6″ and I know I’m taller than her.

Instruments I play: Technically I can play flute/piccolo, but I don’t actually do it ever. And doumbek.

Job title: Keeper of All Knowledge aka Data Manager

Kids: none

Live: Illinois

Mother’s name: Susan, often goes by Sue

Nicknames: none.

Overnight hospital stays: none

Pet Peeve: know-it-alls, inaccuracies in movies/TV shows, when professional videos/books mix up Greek/Roman gods (I don’t mind if people do it too much)

Quote from a movie: I don’t usually quote movies. But I remember quotes, and if you quote it wrong, I will correct you.

Right or left handed: right handed

Siblings: blood related: one sister. One almost-step sister, one almost-step brother, one ex-step sister and one ex-step brother.

Time I wake up: 8-830.

Underwear: Yes.

Vegetable I hate: Brussel sprouts, spinach, mushrooms, celery, cucumbers … I hate a lot of stuff but I will eat most of them, except brussel sprouts and spinach

What makes me run late: talking with my roommates in the morning. I’m almost always on time. I’ve been like 2 minutes late to work a couple times.

X-rays I’ve had: teeth

Yummy food I make: Curry, chicken salad sandwiches. I don’t usually make yummy food. I usually make food that is quick and easy, like spaghetti and sauce.

Zoo animal: Not the monkeys or apes. Basically anything else.

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  1. I thought that you were 5’7″… don’t they check at the doctors? šŸ˜›

    And you make the tastiest salads. Seriously.

    • To make a salad tasty, all one has to do is add delicious fruit. So you’ve got your lettuce, maybe some chicken to get some protein in there, an apple or pear, some craisins, and a nice fruity dressing, like raspberry or pomegranate vinagrette. And feta cheese. Yum!

      I only really like sweet food, so the fruit really helps.

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