Last Day …

Since it’s Thanksgiving vacation, I came to visit Myriad. It’s been exciting. A friend of mine drove to Chicago, so I rode with her. And the 5.5 hour drive ended up taking like 8 hours. We got turned around at one point and drove in the wrong direction for AN HOUR before we noticed. That was exciting. Yeah. Then I got to take a bus to Myriad’s, which was really kinda awesome. It was a double decker bus, with wi-fi and outlets and the entire roof was a skylight. Of course, I got on the bus at 11pm, so I couldn’t see anything out the skylight, but I imagine it would be awesome in the daytime. I got in a 2am, pretty much just got to Myriad’s house and then went to bed. So the next morning, when I went downstairs, I was NOT expecting Myriad to shove a hospital bracelet at me and tell me that she had gone to the ER the night before. I mean, how much trouble can you get in in the 8 hours that I was sleeping, right?

Anyway, that morning (Wednesday) we got up, went downstairs, and I promptly broke her internet. Trying to connect, my computer decided to reconfigure it, and then the “home” network suddenly became the “Fred-PC” network, because my computer is named Fred (I didn’t name it), and no one could get on. We did eventually manage to get it fixed, but then everyone else had some troubles getting onto the internet. And somehow we managed to hide the whole incident from Myriad’s father. Whoo!

Thanksgiving was … uh … well, we ate dinner with her grandmother and great aunt. Some of it was ok, and then some of it was … oh my god get me out of here. But we survived. Myriad was almost taken out by the gravy boat.

Yesterday we went to some little boutiques and I bought a couple Christmas presents for my roommates, and something for Dea, something that she doesn’t know about, in addition to the spice set that I’m gonna get her. And then we basically sat around the house working on our Nanos. We did watch a Babylon 5 movie which was … very Sci-fi. That’s really all I got about that. We both got a ton of work done on our Nanos, though, and now I’m only 1 day behind instead of like 4.

This morning I wandered downstairs, took a shower, and then wandered back into Myriad’s room, where we started talking about old computer games like Math Blaster Mystery, Dr. Brain, and King’s Quest. The really fun thing that we discovered is that their intros and playthroughs are on youtube, so we watched that for a bit. Eventually today we’re going to go see Puss in Boots, which is supposed to be good.

There’s just one problem: I leave tomorrow morning! 😦 I don’t wanna go! I wish Thanksgiving was longer … I really don’t want to go back to school and I don’t want to leave.

Next time, Myriad has to come to ME.

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  1. You can’t just talk about my christmas presents like that! Also, lemme know what you want. And you don’t answer texts FYI. I want to know what A’s fave animal is.

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