Giant Blog Post of Doom

So, here are all the random quotes and hilarity that occured while I was at Myriad’s house. Just a quick post, then I need to get back to my novel!

M: That’s not a TV. It’s a piano.

(I would like to point out that I did not call it a TV, she was just having trouble finding the word)

K: Well that was exciting. Let’s never do it again. (When I broke her internet)

K: Hey look, a cheerio! This was mine. (Yup. And then I ate it)

M: And then this person invaded my home and broke my internet.
K: Technically I was let in.
M: And then this person abused my trust and broke my internet.

M: I’m sorry. I’m being confusing. By trying to get oxygen. (She was having trouble breathing, so kept taking these weird deep breaths.)

M: Ok. Write or die. Writing or dying. What the hell am I doing?
K: Dying.
M: Well, there is that.

K: ‘Hey, sexy lady, I’m a snake charmer want to charm my snake?’
M: Has anyone actually used that line before?
K: I don’t know but someone should.
… Hang on, I need to write that down.

K: You left your uterus out here. (No comment.)

K: What is that pink thing? Is that a lobster?
M: I’m not exactly sure.
K: Does it have whiskers?
M: Yeah. The little one has those, too!

K: Do you want a peanut bus?
M: Yes. (Oh, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade…)

K: That’s what brown sugar is for. Candying shit.

K: She could receive a message about dolphins. Or elephants in tutus … it was the first thing that came to mind. Ballerina elephants! Like in Fantasia!

K: Do you feel good or feel well?
M: You feel well. You feel good if you’re helping the poor or-
K: TIGER! (picks up tiger stuffed animal and shoves it in M’s face)
M: That’s a tiger. If you were wondering.

M (sees me typing): Oh, I heard spider …

M: You’re over 36,000. You whore.

M: Bet that you live, because either you die and you don’t care …
K: Or your computer freezes and no one will know. (Babylon 5 movie)

K: What is she doing?
M: That’s her battle cry.
K: That’s a terrible battle cry.
M: It’s not my battle cry. (Same movie)

M: The dolphin has been inserted, by the way.
K: That just sounds so wrong! (I made a bet that she had to write a dolphin in her novel)

K: Let me shigoogle this. (shigoogle)

K: Will you love me forever?
M: Probably?
K: Ok. Just checking.

K: I was aware that it was a moose a while ago, I just suddenly had the urge to shout it. (She kept doing puzzles, and one was a moose)

M: Dear lord, what are we listening to? The Dark and Endless Dalek Night. Ok, that makes sense.

M: Fuck this duck. It’s a swan. (Also a puzzle)

K: I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with Seymour now that I have him. (Myriad randomly told me to put a stowaway named Seymour in my novel. So I did.)

M: K, psychedelic monkey in your story NOW.

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  1. It is NOT a swan! Swans are assholes and they steal bread from duckies!

    • Uh … for the record, Myriad was doing a puzzle OF A SWAN and then she accidentally called it a duck. Or did it on purpose cause it rhymed with fuck. Regardless, she then corrected herself. Really was a swan, though. What are YOU talking about?

      • I would just rather have ducks than swans. ‘Cause swans are assholes.

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